Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pata Pata

Does the music take all you Hatzic grads back? Did the other schools do square dancing? Do they still?? HAHAHA!!

It so makes me want to dance but I can't quite remember all the steps!

Thanks to Tammy for the flashback.


rodbot said...

just when I thought I finally had those memories repressed!!

Michelle said...


A sad but true fact...I used to skip class to go join the PE classes for square dancing.....

Miss-buggy said...

haha!!!! I want to square dance again! I think that was the one where you faced your partner hands together or something. I say we find out when they are doing it and barge in! LOL!!
I wish I could go to the reunion. Didn't get enough notice. maybe they will do something free on the sunday

James Goudie said...

when my sister did square dancing way back when. i would come along and watch. tysey was in the dancing team too. they always did that song. so i'm sure tysey could teach you!

i probably remember a little bit of it too.

Kaylyn said...

I did square dance at MSS. But did not dance to that song.