Monday, December 06, 2004

So now what do I do??

They're gone, yes my husband just left for work and Payton went with him. Well not really, he's dropping her off at Misty's for the day. She wanted to give me a break so she volunteered to take Payton...ALL DAY!! A little hesitantly I agreed, I know I need the break but this is a really long time.....

I have in a few short months forgotten what to do with myself without a baby around. It seems so strange, what to do first?? I think, yes, I'm going back to bed!!!! Talk to you all later!

Thursday, December 02, 2004


I am feeling sorry for myself this morning, it started when Payton went from smiling to inconsolable screaming in the blink of an eye. She does this when she's tired and she's tired because she won't sleep, how do you get a baby who refuses to sleep to sleep??

I was asking myself what did I do to deserve this?? All my friends who've had babies have these easy eat every 4 hours sleep many hours in a row will even entertain themselves angel babies. Not saying I don't love Payton, she has the most personality of any baby I have known, I can see amazing things in her eyes and know she is and will be an amazing person but in the meantime sometimes I just say YOU HAVE GOT TO GIMME A BREAK CHILD!!!

So I kept telling myself that God won't give me any more than I can handle.(one way or another!!) Which led me to ask God a question "What do you think I am??? Superwoman?" This time I heard his reply "YES!" Alrighty then, if God has that much faith in me I guess I have to have some in myself.