Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So, time to completely re-do this blog? Or make a new start elsewhere? Decisions, decisions......

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Really?? January?

I realized it had been awhile since I posted but I didn't realize it had been since January. Wow. I've been missing blogging so the plan is to get back into posting at least a couple times a week. I know I know, promises made, promises broken. I've been feeling somewhat better the last couple weeks and think the PPD is lifting so I'm hopeful that I can start figuring out what our normal is going to look like around here.

A few tidbits: Theron is almost 9 months already! He's crawling, pulling up to standing, and starting to walk along the furniture. He's a funny, happy little guy who just happens to not like sleep. He absolutely adores his sisters and follows them around whenever he can.

Sam is one of the funniest kids I know. She has a wicked sense of humor and has known how to tease pretty much as soon as she could talk. She wasn't to sure about Theron in the beginning but now that he's mobile and can "play" they have great fun together. It's so sweet to watch. She's finally starting to come out of her shell which is wonderful to watch. She'll be starting preschool in the fall 2 days a week. I'm excited for her to have something of her own, but apprehensive because I'm unsure how she'll do. I think with gradual entry she'll do great, I know the teacher as well and I think they are a good match.

Payton is almost done kindergarten! I can't believe she'll be in full time school in the fall. She's loving school and I know she'll do great but I'm not sure I'm ready for her to be gone so much! She's been learning to unicycle with her Dad and loves anything active. She's my super social kid and is the happiest when surrounded kids and activity. I enrolled her in soccer for the fall and think she'll love it.

And as for me I've started to feel more like myself, which is wonderful. I've been sewing again, cooking, baked bread for the first time from scratch, and started running. Yes! Me! Running! I've never been a runner, and actually kinda thought runners were crazy lol! But it's time to shed some of this I've had 3 babies weight and get healthy. Running allows me flexibility in when I can go and gives me time outside BY-MY-SELF! I found a program called, Couch To 5k. It's a schedule designed to get non-runners(like me) able to run 5 k in 9 weeks. I needed something scheduled and gradual or I knew I wouldn't follow through. I found an app for my phone that has been wonderful. I finished my week 3 day 1 run yesterday and although it's getting harder I finished! So far so good.

This was just going to be a short post but when you don't write for 6 months there's a lot to catch up on lol! I'm going to stop here, upload some pics of my kids, and promise(!) to write again soon.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Look who is growing up WAY too fast!

Theron is 4.5 months old now. It's going by crazy fast! He sat with us at the dinner table for the first time tonight. Well first time on his own, he's been there on lap many times before. I can't believe he sits so well already!
He's gotten very reachy grabby lately, everything is examined and tasted. Much hair has been pulled :)

I think he likes the high chair!

He watched us and played and we all got to sit down to eat together, Yay!

He also thinks Mom is pretty funny!

I love this little man so much!

Don't grow up too fast!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Small Steps

I'm not sure about everyone else but I tend to be over ambitous. Now I'm not against ambition, it's a great motivator, but I tend to set unrealistic ideals for myself. Then when I don't live up to my own expectations I beat up on myself or give up completely or both. Usually both.

This has come to make me a huge believer in small steps. Small steps may be small but they are still steps none-the-less. There are big things that need doing around here, but with an infant and 2 small children always depending on me for something, big things don't often get done. And that has to be ok, but its funny how if I don't get any housework done around here it really looks like Mom didn't get any housework done around here lol!

To me the needs of my kids are far more important than having a spotless house. Yet my sanity insists on not being surrounded by clutter and things left un-done all the time. I have yet to find the balance I'm looking for since having #3. I was just getting into a good groove with my girls when I got pregnant with #3 so I know it will take awhile but I need to start making baby steps.

So my baby step for today will be getting more sleep. We're just starting to get more night time sleep around here which is a huge blessing but I've found I've still been staying up too late. Partially out of habit I think, and partially because I've been enjoying the quiet time. If I'm going to be at my best during the day, get the most accomplished, be a more patient Mom, I need to get more sleep.

I've also decided to join One Small Change over at Hip Mountain Mama. This also ties into living intentionally. I need to be more intentional about taking care of our planet. The idea is to make one small change a month until Earth Day. I think it's a great idea that could inspire a lot of change without becoming overwhelming. I haven't decided what change we're going to make over here but I have a few days to decide.

I was going to try to find some pictures to go with this post as I think a post without pics seems naked, but it appears my hubby took the laptop to work which is where all the new photos are. So another naked post it is!

Friday, January 22, 2010


Going to be doing some housecleaning around here, I've already started, slowly.

I've been thinking a lot about New Years resolutions, I know it's well past New Years but I've been mulling things around. I'm not a fan of New Years resolutions in general, they are often made with out much intention and don't have staying power. Which brought me to think about intentions, and intentional living, about paying attention to the here and now. To try to enjoy each day, or at least something about each day. To learn something, to do something, to just be present. I find so often I'm focused on getting through, and getting by that I miss out on the here and now. So my intention for this year is to be. Yes, plan for the future and work toward goals but not at the expense of today.

I think a journey is awaiting and I'm excited. With all this thinking I've been subjecting myself to I've also realized that I don't really know, consciously know, what makes me tick. What resonates in my soul? What makes me feel alive? Or on a more simple note, what do I like and dislike? If someone asked me how I would want to decorate, or wear if I could choose anything and I really don't know!

So I'm going to work on clearing out my actual house, my blog space, and my brain. Then re-building. I'm not sure where this is all coming from except that I'm feeling a huge drive to re-evaluate and grow. And I need to write for that to happen.

I have a feeling that wasn't very coherent but I've gotten something out of my head so that's a good first step :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Hello blog world!

I've been missing you so here I am. I'm not sure how much I will post to this space but I sure do miss writing. I think I may change things up a bit around here when time allows. There doesn't seem to be enough time in the world lately so that may be awhile :)

Our son Theron joined the family on Sept 10th, another c-section because he was breech. He was a big baby, my biggest yet weighing 9lbs 8oz. He's still big, 22 lbs and 28 inches at 4 months! He's wearing 9-12 month clothes! He's a joy and I'm totally loving getting to know my little. man. He's not much of a sleeper so we've been in sleep deprivation mode around here. 3 is so crazy busy that I'm still trying to figure out how everything is going to run around here, how to fit everything into a day and not go crazy. It's easier this time somehow because I know eventually he will sleep and won't be so dependant on me at all times.

He's a joy and I'm totally loving getting to know my little. man. He's not much of a sleeper so we've been in sleep deprivation mode around here. 3 is so crazy busy that I'm still trying to figure out how everything is going to run around here, how to fit everything into a day and not go crazy. It's easier this time somehow because I know eventually he will sleep and won't be so dependant on me at all times.

I've been itching to get my craft on again lately, now just to find the time and energy to indulge, hopefully there will be some crafty posts before too long.

I'm going to try to get some photos uploaded, it's being crazy slow and call it good for a night and hopefully be back soon! (Got them up! YAY!)

This is Theron today at 4 months. He's wearing the cutest owl hat ever knit by a close friend who recently started a blog, and taught me to knit :) I am so in love with this hat. I think he needs a non-wool one to wear as an "inside" hat :)