Sunday, July 31, 2005

Just posting so i can change my pic.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Payton hates bath time??

My little girl who used to love bath time has decided that she HATES it. She used to have a great time, it was one of the only times when she was younger that she wasn't fussy. Then about a month ago she decided she didn't like having her hair washed then gradually it became I hate bath time altogether. She cries and screams when you give her a bath. What's with that?? Is it normal for a small child to change their mind about something so suddenly and dramatically without warning?? Very perplexing.....

Home again, home again....

Yup, we made it back!! Safe and sound. I am tired. Hmm...that doesn't quite convey enough emotion. I am TIRED!! There, that's better. I had a little nap this afternoon, when Rod came to get me up I wasn't pleasant. Poor Rod!! Actually I take that back. I had an appointment I had to go to this afternoon, Rod stayed home with Payton. I had been talking recently about re-arranging the furniture in the bedroom and organizing it because it drives me crazy. Rod decides that a good way to unpack is to organize the bedroom. I get home and there is stuff everywhere, the bed I so desperately want to crawl into is in parts. I could have cried. All I wanted was to unpack in a somewhat neat manner, and go to bed. Now there is STUFF all over my house. AHHH!!!! It was tidy when we got here. Honest!! Oh well, as long as the bed is back together at bedtime I'll be a happy girl!!

My excitement for the day was ALMOST hitting a deer. It was just a fawn, still had it's spots. I almost hit Bambi!! It was the closest I have ever come to hitting anything. I would have been devastated!! I had just been thinking that the only wildlife I had seen in awhile had been dead when all of a sudden there was a deer right in front of me. I swerved to the right hoping to give it enough time to cross, and it hesitates. OH CRAP!!! I went as far as I dared to the right then headed back into my lane and it continued out of lane just in time!!! I continued down the road for a few seconds and pulled over. I had to start breathing again!! I was freaked right out!! I woke Rod up with my swerving, tire screeching, and swearing, but Payton slept right through!!

Anyways there is other things to say but I better go see if I can wake up enough to get some organizing done tonight. Either that or head to bed........

Saturday, July 23, 2005

To my beautiful daughter


At this moment one year ago today we were in the hospital for "observation". It was about now that my midwife checked me and I caused chaos by being fully dialated and ready to push after only 2 hours and not being actually admitted to the hospital. "OH" I said "you mean that searing pain in my hips is the babies head pushing them apart?? Interesting". At 8:11 my beautiful Payton was born weighing 8 lbs 4 ounces, with what felt like a HUGE head. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE!!

Friday, July 22, 2005


So, I can hardly believe tomorrow is Paytons birthday. She's going to be a whole year old!!! I was trying to remember what I was doing last year at this time. Rod was just just home from a business trip, and other than the braxton hicks contractions I had been having all week I was feeling pretty normal. Well as normal as a 37 week pregnant woman can feel!! It wasn't until 5 am tomorrow morning that I even had an inkling that I would be having a baby early. Wow, this year has gone fast!!

Our week has been going well. I ended up at the walk in clinic yesterday because my pain from having my wisdoms removed started getting worse(and spreading) instead of better. I'm now taking antibiotics and it seems to be improving. I've been having a bad hair week. I think the change in climate is doing a number on my hair, I can't get it to look decent to save my life. Oh well, I should have brought a hat. We went to the parade on Wed, it was a lot of fun. Payton loved the marching bands and the horses. She was actually pointing and clapping. So fun!!

I've been thinking about vacations, what used to be and what is. Vacation with a toddler is not relaxing. If I wanted to catch up on sleep I should have stayed home. Payton just isn't sleeping well. And with my mouth being so sore I haven't been sleeping well either. So we've been having some naps but I don't want to spend all my visiting time sleeping. I guess my point is that if anyone wonders why people with children are so tired after vacation they must not have children.

Anyways, I'm going to get back to my visiting now. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


We made it!! I can tell I'm getting older by how I react to one night without sleep. It about does me in!! And yet I'm still up!! We are having a good time. Payton is having a blast. A whole new toy filled space to explore, complete with a pair of cousins to help her find new mischeif. I'll be on more later just wanted to check in. I was going to write something else but now am starring blankly at the screen....time for bed......

Thursday, July 14, 2005

How much ice cream can one girl eat.....

Well, not only ice cream.......jello, pudding, milkshakes, and yes some actual "real" food(like soup) thrown in there. I am doing ok at the moment. Thanks everyone for your prayers and positive thoughts!! It was actually kind of a neat experience with all the machine's they had to hook me to. It was all new to me!! I got a bit freaked when I was starting to come to and they were still working. I couldn't open my eyes but I could feel them working in my mouth(no, there was no pain). I started to freak out a bit, but I really couldn't even move so it was mostly all internal. I must have managed to make a couple noises and I know my eyes were starting to water because I remember someone saying it was ok, they were almost done and I was doing really well. Then I must have gone back under, whether they gave me more drugs to knock me out again I don't know. The next thing I knew it was done. I was shaky and had that recent panic feeling lingering. It felt surreal. I was SO SO SO glad Rod had taken the day off to be there for me.

Anyways they put like a pound of gauze in your mouth and tell you not to take it out until you get home. It tastes bad, REALLY bad. I'm not sure if it was the gauze, the blood, the antibiotic, or a combination but I was dieing to get that stuff out of there. But we had to stop and get my prescriptions filled, buy food I can eat, and stop for a frosty of course!! So I get home and run to the bathroom to pull that junk out of my mouth and remember to check my "instructions" on post surgery care of my mouth. NO rinsing NO brushing NO spitting for 24 hours!! You've got to be kidding!! So I ran back into the kitchen for some ice cream to get rid of that nasty flavor in my mouth. YUCK. Feeling a bit dizzy I went for a nap. I was pretty tender for awhile, but I've been using ice packs and taking my drugs and I'm pretty good now. Still sore and a bit swollen but it could be SO much worse. I did brush my teeth, just could not go all day without, but I just did my front teeth and my tongue. It felt SO much better. I just hope it doesn't get worse tomorrow!!

I'm so glad you can't grow more wisdom teeth. IT'S DONE!!!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Hey!! Remember me??

Yeah Yeah, I know it's been awhile. I have some catching up to do. But not tonight. Tonight all I can think about is in 9 hours I will be unconscious to the world getting my wisdom teeth out. AAAAHHHHHH!!!! I'm more than a little freaked out. I've never been put under before AND I've never had surgery before. I'm not a big fan of the unknown, or pain for that matter. So please please please pray for me. That I don't act like a big wuss and that everything goes well. Thanks.

Then bring me chocolate....Preferably in liquid form......

Monday, July 04, 2005

26 years ago today....

Singing loudly.....

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to Misty
Happy Birthday to you!!

And many more.....

Hope you have a great one!!