Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Baby oh baby

Well, we are still breech, but I knew that! We are going to the hospital tomorrow to see if the baby is in a good position to try to turn. If baby turns I will go home and wait for labour like usual, if it doesn't then we will be scheduling a cesarean. Probably sooner rather than later because they really don't want me going into labour on my own. Payton was early and what the midwife called a silent labour, where I really didn't feel much until I was almost ready to push. By the time we got to the hospital(2 or so hours from first pain) I was fully dilated and should have been pushing. They really don't want that with a breech. I will know more tomorrow! I'm scheduled to meet with the Dr at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. We have to go prepared to have a baby, just in case. There is a small risk of causing a tear to the placenta, or having it start to separate from the uterus wall. If that happens we will be having a baby immediately! Oh my gosh...I need to clean...and shave my legs......

Sometimes I am so Dumb


Stayed up late...why?? I'm not sure, stupidity I guess. Then Payton was up early, of course. Early to bed tonight!!

I have my midwife appointment this morning, I guess we'll find out what our plan of action is if this baby stays breech(which it has so far). I'll update when I get home.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sometimes life is just like that

Pregnancy in the 3rd Trimester.

You have to pee the most when it's the hardest to reach "down under" to wipe.

Your the most tired when sleeping is the hardest(a getting up to pee, aches and pains ect)

You can't take most medication when your sick and are told to sleep it off!(see above)

Cleaning/organizing instincts kick in in the 3rd trimester when you can only work for short periods before needing a break!

Reaching your feet to do a pedicure, or bending to shave your legs is next to impossible right before many people will be up close and personal with both.

Feel free to add your own!

It's tues, a dull sort of post

Yup, day 2 of the week(I start counting on Mon). Last night Payton was somewhat better although I still couldn't sleep, no napping for me today. My cold symptoms seem to be a bit better today, still hanging on though. And I'm very tired still. I did pretty good on the relaxing yesterday. Only let myself do small, non body taxing stuff. Got some stuff done, not as much as I'd like but oh well. I'm trying to see everything, big or small as an accomplishment.

Payton has been wanting to get outside today, we didn't get out yesterday. It looks so beautiful out I think that's a very good idea. My other goal for the afternoon is to go get some laundry detergent. Somehow that got missed on the weekend and we are right out, I just can't let the pile get any bigger!

Oop, Payton is up from her nap.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Doesn't that pregnant woman do anything but complain?

I've been pushing myself. This stupid cold is hanging on but I've had so much I wanted to do I keep pushing on. Yesterday I crashed, my body said NO MORE. Went to church, grabbed a few groceries and had to lay down right after getting home. Everything ached and I couldn't keep my eyes open. When I got up I felt a little better, did I continue with the resting? Nope went out and cleaned out my van, and started re-organizing and cleaning the outside walkway. Kept at it until I started getting cold and achy. I'm just not good at relaxing right now!

I love being pregnant, I really do, but there comes a time in every pregnancy where the novelty wears off. Sometime in the last week between the lack of sleep and the cold I feel done. I want to not have to pee 4 times a night or wake to sciatic pain. I want to take cold medication like regular people. Payton has caught my cold(poor thing!!) and was up every hour or so last night, often I couldn't get back to sleep, spent a lot of time staring at the ceiling or the wall. I'm sure Rod's feeling pretty rough too.

Time is ticking away, I've reached 36 weeks now. It's a little early for baby to make it's appearance, it may need some more development time, but if it is early like Payton, that would only leave me 9 days. And so many things I want to get done!!

Oh well, guess I should stop writing/talking/complaining about it and just go do something!! Have a good Monday!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!

I woke up yesterday with a sore throat.

No!! no no no!! I refuse to get sick.

Took extra vitamin C, spent the day in denial.

I woke up this morning feeling like I've been hit by a truck.

No!! no no no!! I refuse to get sick.

I'm sick.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

35 weeks you say?

I'm pregnant, I'm sure many of you have noticed. I've recently come to terms with it myself. I'm going to be out numbered most days, it's a scary thought.

Really though, I'm ready to meet this little person. Ready or not as of today I'm good with whenever baby decides it's time. It's a little early yet and baby probably needs a little more time to, as Payton puts it, "get bigger bigger", but I'm finished with saying you can't come yet can come whenever you like.

I'm so crabby lately, it's just so unlike me, it's a foreign feeling. I don't like it very much.

I think Payton is FINALLY asleep so I'm going to go fold my laundry without her very helpful "help".

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Wakey wakey.......

Coffee......where's the coffee......

Monday, January 22, 2007

Another week begins!

Well, I'm 35 weeks now! The countdown is really on now!

I've been really feeling the 3rd trimester lately, especially at night. Up several times to pee, or because of sciatic pain, or muscle aches, or just plain aches! I had a dream last nigh(a strange one) and the baby was a girl! I wonder if that's because of my subconscious or just because Misty told me she thought the U/S picture looked like a girl? I've noticed yesterday and today I'm starting too retain some water, not a lot, just enough for me to feel a little swollen. I guess that's pretty good though, not swelling until 35 weeks! The heartburn is increasing, as is the sore back. Overall though nothing to major! This pregnancy has gone pretty smoothly, I hear horror pregnancy stories from others and feel blessed.

I keep thinking about Payton's delivery and the week before and wonder how similar or different(if baby remains breech) this delivery will be. At 36 weeks 5 days with Payton I had what I thought was a "false labour", contractions that got up to 5 minutes apart and 45 sec long, lasted about 4 hours then stopped. Then all during that week I had braxton hicks contractions, annoying, but not painful. Then Payton was delivered Fri morning(37 weeks 3 days), very quickly. I would bet that those earlier contractions where progressive if anybody had checked me, that they were dilating me all week. I don't know for sure of course but that would be my guess! So being at 35 weeks 1 day today I wonder what the next couple weeks will hold. Maybe nothing!! It's fun to speculate though. goal for today...pack hospital bags as much as possible! I was throwing together a hospital bag between contractions during my false labour last time! I just never had the notion I was going to be early!

Off to do some laundry!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thank you!!

You know who you are.

Friday, January 19, 2007

One of those days

Today is one of those days. Not one of those horrible days just one of those that I feel like I'm doing so much but it doesn't look like it. You know?

Been trying not to think to much about the baby being breech until I talk to my midwives and see what my options are. Still hoping baby turns before delivery. They aren't in the office on Fridays but I should call and leave a message so I can talk to them mon.

Rod's on a trip, should be a very short one, he's supposed to be home tonight. Still I hate it when he's gone. I don't like not being able to talk to him whenever I want. Been feeling a little overwhelmed today and he always calms me....I can't even imagine what women whose husbands are away for long periods of time feel like!

Have a stamp/card making evening planned tonight and am looking forward to it. Payton's Grandma and Grandpa are going to watch her for a couple hours so I can go. I was so annoyed when Rod told me about the trip. But it all worked out. Payton loves her grandparents, I'm sure they'll have a good time.

Anyways, I should go do something productive while Payton is sleeping. I haven't gotten nearly what I wanted to done by now, sigh....oh well I'll keep plugging away!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Baby is breech! Yup, sitting very comfortably on it's bum. Everything else looks healthy and on target for growth although according to their measurements baby is 3307 grams which is 7.3lbs! They are only so accurate but still that seems big. I guess not really though because Payton was born at 37 weeks 3 days and she was 8 lbs 4 ounces, and today I am 34 weeks 4 days . She probably would have been around 7lbs at this point. The fact that the baby is big only means there is less of a chance that it will turn. No we still don't know the sex, everything was just to squishy in there to see clearly, and being that baby was sitting on that area made it even harder to see.

It was fun to watch as baby is so well developed now, but it was harder to see things because you couldn't get an over all view of everything, it was all little pieces because of babies size. Baby was giving the tech a hard time as well and being very wiggly, every time she tried to take a picture baby would move and squirm, she had to be quick! We got one picture of baby facing toward us I am going to post. It's a face front view, you can see the eyes, nose, mouth, and an arm coming up. It's fun! There's a baby in there! Now just to see what can be done to flip this baby!!

Off we go...

I'm so excited!!

And I don't have to have a full bladder this time!! YEAH!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I have earned myself another ultrasound. Well, rather it's my stubborn baby who has earned another one!! The baby has been posterior for the last three visits(since he/she has been big enough to feel well really) which means babies back it snuggled right up against mine, pretty much straight up they think as they are unable to feel anything to the sides really. It's making it difficult for them to figure out which end is up! I even had a vaginal exam today(SO FUN) because usually they can tell for sure that way. Nope, baby was still to high to tell for sure whether the presenting part was head or bum(baby feels plenty low to me!!). So they want to know for sure and managed to get me an ultrasound for tomorrow!! If we can get the baby to flip if it is breech now is the time as the bigger the baby is the less chance they will flip. Also because I delivered a big baby early last time we need to get things figured out now.

I'm not actually to worried about it, my guess is that the baby is head down. I do always worry when I have an U/S though, there is always what if they find something wrong thought!

Oh well, if nothing else we get to take another peak at our baby tomorrow!! U/S is at 3:45, I'll update tomorrow evening!

You never know.

When hope is going to show up on your doorstep. Been having issues with asking for help, including in prayer, but he knows and he provides.

Hope comes in many forms, and is always beautiful smiling at you when you answer the door.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This n that

I got up with Rod this morning and started the day with a hot shower and a cup of coffee. It felt so good!! Usually I have been getting up with Payton and sneaking a shower in where it fits. Which is actually only usually about 30min extra sleep. I think I'm going to continue getting up with Rod, especially when the new baby arrives because who know when I'll get to shower then! I used to HAVE to shower first thing in the morning EVERY morning to even feel awake, or I would feel gross all day.

I've been having some labour anxiety lately. Especially when I think of how close it is! I know I can do it, it just isn't pleasant! And actually most of my anxiety isn't about the actual pain it's fear of delivering at home or someplace weird because I can't get to the hospital on time. Payton's delivery was very fast and I'm afraid this one will be faster! Or having Rod miss it because he's at work and can't get there in time. Or not realizing I'm in labour because I have a "regular" labor and actual "real" contractions and think it's not the real thing. With Payton my pain was like nothing described to me by any mom or my prenatal classes. I've been told to get to the hospital fast but what if I can't? Sigh. So much to worry about. Of course I also worry that this one will go way overdue and I will have to be induced and have a long hard labor that ends in c-section. Ok, I'm stopping now. As long as baby and I are healthy in the end is all that matters!!

Did 6 million loads of laundry yesterday, all of my unisex baby stuff has been washed and put away! YEAH!! Did I mention how sick of laundry I am? Made a nice meal yesterday, and there's left overs!! Double YEAH!!

So how does everyone organize kids toys? And scrap booking stuff when you don't have a specified work spot? And..well...everything...LOL!!

It's snowing....again.....

Monday, January 15, 2007

Another First!

Payton had her first swimming lesson on the weekend. Very fun!!

Oh what a night

Why is it when I most need sleep I can't??? Couldn't sleep last night, spent hours staring at the ceiling listening to Rod sleep. When I finally dozed a little I heard Payton and was up again(she didn't actually wake, she talks in her sleep). Then I spent another hour trying to get to sleep only to be woke by strange dreams, then it was having to pee 3 times, then Rod's alarm(+snooze a couple times). All in all it adds to very little sleep. I blame napping in combination with a racing mind. I am going to try to not nap today and head to bed early. Grrrr.........

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fustration with oneself

Before Christmas I concentrated all my energy at getting ready for Christmas. If I started thinking about getting ready for baby as well I overwhelmed myself, so I told myself there is plenty of time after Christmas to prepare for the little one. It's now almost halfway through Jan and I'm not ready, not even close. I've been doing some sorting and organizing, figuring out what we have, what we need ect. The trouble is I've been so tired and am starting to get achy, I get a little done and have to stop. Or when Payton's napping and I should be being constructive I'm exhausted, falling asleep on my feet and end up napping too. I obviously need the sleep but as my due date approaches I end up frustrated with myself for not being ready. I am 34 weeks along now, Payton was born at 37!! That's just crazy!! Now this baby could well decide to be overdue and I have more time to get ready, but I just can't count on that. Sigh.....I guess whatever is done when baby comes is what will be done. I just so wanted to have so many things done so I didn't have to worry about them when adjusting to having 2 kids. I think my main stress right now is space. We have none! I have a bassinet ready to put in our room but no space to put it....ARGH. We need to get rid of/organize the whole home before this baby comes or I am going to go insane!!!!

Lists, I guess I'm going to have to make some. Figure out what's priority and concentrate on that. If I end up with more time that's great. I've pulled out the unisex stuff we have, and have been loaned. Have got Payton's stuff organized so I know where all sizes of girl stuff are, I have also gone through the boy stuff we've been given and done the same. I think the main clothes issue I'm going to have is having babies in different seasons. Most of Payton's little stuff is light summer stuff, and the next size up is cool fall/winter clothes. This baby is going to be opposite. I guess I also need to pack my hospital bag and get coming home stuff ready for baby. Rod and I haven't picked out coming home outfits yet as money has been tight, pretty soon money or not we're going to have to pick something out!! LOL!! We are still working on buying some of the basics babies need(like diapers, baby wash ect), we've been buying one thing at a time when picking up groceries. All in all thankfully we haven't had to buy to much as we still have stuff from Payton and have been given/loaned other stuff as well. Oh I just remembered I have to get a bag ready for Payton too!! And figure out rides to the hospital and whose available to watch Payton. Wow, I really do need to get on that list. Tonight!! The list must be made!!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dad's rock

Payton and I built a snow man the other day. I thought we did pretty well, it was a Payton sized snow man(I posted pics, scroll down if you want to check them out). Well yesterday Dad took her out to play in the snow and upon glancing out my window a little while later this is what I saw. Man he's huge. I guess there are some things Dad's are just better at!! Or maybe it's just Rod being ambitious!!

Imagine how big that must look to a 2 yr old!!

Rod has to reach up to put the face on!!

The finished product!(He never did get arms!)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


I thought I would share with everyone the reasons for my occasional panic in Dec about being ready for Christmas. My own self inflicted two week sleep deprivation!! I made a number of our Christmas gifts this year. Which is all fine and dandy except I didn't start most of them until Dec, crazy I know. My wonderful husband helped, so I should say WE made Christmas gifts this year. I realized I didn't get pictures of them all :( Oh well you'll get the idea. We made blankets, 4 of them to be exact(was trying for 5 but that just wasn't happening!!), out of mostly jean with fleece backing. And I also tried my hand at digital scrapbooking and put together a calendar for 2007 with pics from 2006 which I got printed and sent to many relatives from Payton!

A few sample pages from the Calendar

This blanket went to Rod's sister and her husband. It had a chocolate brown fleece backing.

This one was smaller as it went to Cooper. It has been on my list of things to do for awhile. Finally I finished!!

I forgot to take pictures of the one that went to Mom & Al, and Rod's dad & Jillian. But this lovely picture Rod took of me crashed on Christmas day does show it somewhat(my Mom & Al's). The backing of this one is a beautiful deep red, and it was very cozy!! If you look closely you can see another little head on the other end of the couch. Payton doesn't crash very often but all the excitement of Christmas and Christmas eve caught up with her, she crashed waiting for the hot chocolate Oma was making her. The backing of Rod's dad and Jillians was a tan colour.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


Feels like forever since I've blogged. But looking at my blog I guess that's not true. I think it just feels that way because nothing has been very personal, very real. I've been going through a myriad of emotions lately, and have been feeling very raw. I've been unable or unwilling to expose my innards. Need to take some more time to process.

Everything has been going well with the pregnancy, I'm getting excited to meet this little person. We've both been growing accordingly. My blood pressure has remained stable this time(it crept up last time) although my iron is a bit low and I'm supposed to starting on some supliments to help that. I'm hoping my energy and motivation will rise when I start getting enough iron. The midwife is pretty sure baby is head down but is still posterior(back to my back) which makes it hard to tell exactly where everything is. My feeling is the baby is head down, I do hope baby flips from the posterior position before delivery though. Babies heart rate at our visit last week was 148, which is pretty much bang on what it's been all along. I'm 33 weeks today, considering I delivered Payton at 37 weeks 3 days I don't have long to get ready!! One of the things I need to do is make sure I get enough sleep, which means I need to go to bed now!! Good Night!!

Friday, January 05, 2007


Look Mom!! Snow!!

A snow friend just my size!!

Hugs for the Snow man!!

Notice the extra arms? Payton insisted the Snow man needed 4 arms!! Too cute!

We were actually out for almost an hour and a half, my kid loves the snow!!

Do you have snow?

It was still pretty dark when I took these so it was hard to get good pictures. But you get the idea.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


So we've pretty much resigned ourselves to getting another car seat for Payton, to give her that extra time with the five point harness. Eventually we will need 2 booster seats anyways and when safety is involved other considerations fall to the wayside anyways.

We were still debating the infant seat issue. Now, our infant seat(an Eddie Bauer) has 3 strikes against it. I can't without worry use it again. We are now going to be buying a new Infant seat. ARGH. First strike was we were going to have to replace the fabric cover as it got ripped when we let someone use it. Second there was a recall on it, just needs new tethers or something but still makes you wonder. Third it failed failed FAILED the latest consumer testing of infant seats, actually most of the seats they tested did. It wasn't good. The link is here, with a quick review here. Now in my mind there is no way I would use an Eddie Bauer, it's tainted. So scary. All I want is for my kids to be safe!!