Saturday, December 31, 2005

Clean Sweeping

Well, I'm trying to anyways. Charity and Mandy are here helping us start going through stuff. THANKS GUYS!!! I just got so overwhelmed I didn't know where to start. Anyways I'm working on Payton's room trying to gut her closet and make more room for her new stuff. Misty is taking the exersaucer-that will give us some room!! So now I have also decided to give up the swing, it's an old hand crank one, but it works and was savior with a cranky baby. Also the glider chair, the chair itself is fine but it didn't come with a cushion as I bought it second hand. I was going to make a new cushion but never got around to it, we have a patio chair cushion on it at the moment. We just don't use it. So if you or anyone you know are interested in either give me a shout.

Some things just don't change....

Group picture just after Christmas.
Group picture last November. Hmmmmm..........

What a difference 5 months makes

The girls last summer.
And just after Christmas.

Friday, December 30, 2005


It's 3 0'clock and we are all still in out jammies. So far the only accomplishment that has been made is the tree has been taken down. I looked into self-storage units and buying storage sheds, it's very expensive and depressing. I now am back to being overwhelmed and stressed out. Didn't take long did it? I guess I should stop worrying about everything and start cleaning.

Now I am going to bore you with family pictures....

We had such a great time being in Alberta over Christmas. I have enjoyed the opportunity not only to get to know my cousins better and watch them grow, but to spend time with the rest of the family that I so rarely see. I miss them all SO much, and wish they lived closer. I have a ton of pictures and am going to share a few with you, well actually I am going to share many with you!!

Darby the photographer.
Rod and I.
Chloe. Can you see the trouble in her eyes? hehe! She and Payton are similar in so many ways. Their birthday is only two days apart, we think it may be a July baby thing. The super busy, into everything, mischievous, what can I get into today syndrome.....What do you think Misty, is it a born in July thing??
My cutie patootie!!

More pictures.....

My Mom and I.

My cousins and I.Me and my baby in her Christmas dress.

Yet more pictures.....

This is my Aunt Wanda(Mom's sister) and Uncle Jimmy, and Hannah and Boomer of course!!
Christmas dinner, it sure was yummy!
We hadn't had the whole family together in a long time so a group shot was in order. It was hot, squishy, and painful. But very worth it!! Chloe is missing as she was already in bed I think Jimmy is going to photoshop her in sometime in the future.
Rod and I with Mom and Al(Mom's finance). Payton was napping.

Are you bored yet?? Yes it is MORE pictures....

We bought the girls matching tanks in the summer and did a group shot and just had to do it again. I should find the summer shot for comparison, I can't believe the difference 6 months makes!!
Payton and her cousins(well technically 2nd cousins) enjoying a treat, they were to cute sitting there. Until of course Payton decided to sample from Chloe's bowl.....
Payton got a matching outfit from her cousins for Christmas so here we go again, trying to get a 1 and a half year old, a two and a half year old, and a four year old to stand still and all smile in the same direction......
We are still trying....the little plaid skirts are SO cute!!!

Will it never end?????? The end is in sight, this is the last of the pictures......For now....

This is my Uncle Dan(Mom's brother), Aunt Kathy, and cousins Ryan and Dana.
I was very excited to get a four generations of women picture. This is Payton and I, with my Mom and Grandma.
The McLatchy family at Christmas(well boxing day actually).
This is my Aunt Donna(Mom's sister), Uncle Billy, and my cousins Darby(on the left) and Chloe. This is who we stayed with in Red Deer, Thanks guys!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

They're back.........

Yes, we are home safe and sound. It was a good trip, minus the stomach flu....but that will have to wait for another day, I'm tired!!

P.S. Thank you SO MUCH to the cleaning elf that left me a much cleaner house to come home to! It's greatly appreciated!! I have awesome friends!!

Sunday, December 25, 2005


I hope everyone is having a GREAT day!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

And we're here

Just wanted to let everyone know we arrived safe and sound, a little late thanks to a flight delay, but everything else went smoothly. Payton is exhausted but having a good time. It's so nice to see everyone, we were calculating when the last time we had family pictures with everybody present, it's been 20 years!! So there is a family portrait planned, We are also going to be able to get a 4 generational photo done, that's very cool!!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas eve!!

P.S. Dear Santa, I've been a very good girl all year and all I want for Christmas is to clean and organized house. Do you think that could be arranged?? lol !! If only.....

Friday, December 23, 2005

I wasn't going to blog today as I have so many other things to do. As Christmas draws closer I find myself dwelling on the things that really matter. I have the habit of worrying about how everything is going to work out when I just can't see an end. When in fact I have more than enough to be thankful for right now.

I am thankful for:

-My husband and best friend
-My beautiful, full of life daughter
-That I have a roof over my head and wonderful landlords who are also friends
-That I've never known what it means to be hungry
-That I have extended family that loves me
-That I have wonderful friends who are more like family than friends
-That I get to travel and visit relatives who seem so far away most days
-That God sent his one and only son to die for our sins
-That soon we get to celebrate the birth of our savior
-Good health

There are many more things but this list could get long and I might miss my plane!! So I am going to trust that God will continue to take care of me as he always has. That just because I can't see what's in store doesn't mean that he doesn't. Thank you Lord for sending you son for us, I am excited to help you celebrate his birthday in a couple day!! I hope that everyone has a wonderful Christmas season regardless of circumstances, remember that Christmas is not about the gifts and lights, it's about a little boy born many years ago as a savior for us. Merry Christmas!!


You know the feeling when your experiencing many different emotions all at once? That's how I'm feeling right now. Excited, crazy, happy, overwhelmed, tired, anxious, elated, worried. It's a lot to have going on at once!! It's not all about the trip and getting ready either, it's also about what is going to happen when we get home. I always experience let down after it's all said and done, I guess we all do. We've barely been scraping by, by the skin of our teeth and we are going to have to make some big choices this coming year. Choices, change, the unknown, I dread it, I don't deal well with any of it. Oh well, we are going to have a wonderful trip and fantastic visit, and leave the future to the future. I have to have faith that everything will turn out for the best.

I think I need to go to bed.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My new favorite Christmas song.

I bought a Christmas CD for 99 cents while shopping the other day, you know a gift with purchase kind of thing. It was a mixed CD and had some pretty interesting stuff on it. But there was one song that I really like and thought I would share with you. The Jing-Ding stuff looks silly but it sounds good.

Make It Christmas Day

Jann Arden

Many years ago on Christmas Day
People came from all around to bow their heads and pray
For on that lonely night a babe was born
God gave us his only son that He may save the world

And He taught us of compassion
He taught us how to love
He taught us to believe in God above

Let Him know that you are still alive
Raise your hands up to the sky
Get down on your knees and pray
If only for one day
Make it Christmas Day

Ding Dong Jing-a-long
Ding Dang Dong
Jing Jing-a-ling
Sing along Jing along
Ding Dong
Ding Dang Dong

Now we all await the coming eve
I wonder if there is a single soul who still believes
It's not the flashing glamour of the lights
But only the remembrance of a distant holy night

For He taught us of compassion
And He taught us how to love
He taught us to believe in God above

Let know that you are still alive
Raise your hands up to the sky
Get down on your knees and pray

Let Him know you're still alive
Raise your hands up to the sky
Get down on your knees and pray
If only for one day,
Make it Christmas Day

Ding Dong Jing-a-long
Ding Dang Dong
Jing Jing-a-ling
Sing along Jing along
Ding Dang Dong

Jing Jing-a-ling
Sing along Jing along
Ding Dang Dong

Jing Jing-a-ling
Sing along Jing along
Ding Dang Dong

Jing Jing-a-ling
Sing along Jing along
Ding Dong

I just realized...

IT'S THE 20th!!!! Oh dear.....


Don't get me wrong, some of the forwards I receive are good I even pass the odd one along. Sometimes though, it's enough to drive me nuts!!

Click here.

Monday, December 19, 2005

The countdown continues at a frenzied pace....

Yes folks, we are officially on "the last minute" train to Christmas. 6 sleeps left, which means 5 days to finish shopping, wrapping, baking, cleaning, laundry, packing, and whatever else has to be accomplished before the big day hits. Today I have no motivation. I think the busy schedule of the last few days has wiped me out.

We had a good weekend, just busy. We did Christmas with Rod's Dad and family as we are going to be away. It was really nice to spend time with everyone although it very definitely doesn't feel like enough. We were spoiled as usual, but my favorite part was watching Payton interact with the rest of the family. What a funny kid I have. Candice and Jake brought their pug, Pig(yes the dogs name is Pig and it suits him!), so the game was chase the dog. She managed not to get into to much trouble, although there were a couple casualties, 1 snowglobe and 1 glass ball(Sorry Jillian!!).

Anyways I really need to get it together and get something accomplished while Payton is still sleeping. My Mom and Al are leaving for Alberta tomorrow(they're driving) and I need to figure out what we are sending with them and get it wrapped. As well as the usual laundry and cleaning ect. The busy schedule has caused household neglect and it is starting to drive me crazy. So if you see me wandering around aimlessly muttering to myself you'll understand, it's just the countdown to Christmas meltdown.....

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Bread IS dangerous!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's definitely the Christmas season!!

It's been one of those weeks, you know the ones, when you have 6 million things to do and a very small amount of time to get it done. Every moment has been taking care of kids or getting ready for Christmas, or both!! My housework is definatly suffering and it's starting to drive me crazy. At this point I'm really glad we'll be gone for Christmas because that means I won't have to look at this place for a few days!! Yikes!!

I haven't been getting much sleep either. I can't blame that solely on Payton although she is usually still up at least once a night. We've been going to bed really late. With Rod getting home between 6-7, it's put Payton to bed, eat, put Holly to bed, clean the kitchen, and try to visit with my hubby. All of a sudden it's late :( I have to figure out a way to schedule everything so it runs smoother around here. Oh well. When everything gets back to normal(what's normal??) we'll see what happens.

Candice(Rod's sister) came out today and took us for lunch. It was very nice to see her. She took Holly for the afternoon which is awesome because they haven't seen much of each other recently. Although I'm not really short a kid because now I have Hailey(from upstairs) down playing with Andrew.

I better run, it sounds like Payton doesn't agree with me that it's naptime :( All I want to do is get some cleaning done. Is that to much to ask? Geesh.

This is why I would never get an Asian character tattoo....

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Throw Paper!

How bored are you?

Guess the Dictator/Sit-Com Character

Check this out, we have been trying to stump this game and have not succeeded. We've tried old and new, human and cartoon, and it's guessed right everytime.

Confused?? Just try it.

Here's one for the girls???

This is for all the girls who have always wanted to "write" their name in the snow......

Hair issues

Hi fellow bloggers!! I need some recommendations. I have lost my hairdresser, and am wanting to get a haircut. Does anyone know a good hairdresser that they could recommend?? Thanks!!

There we go, now I know what I should do with my life!!

You Should Get a MFA (Masters of Fine Arts)

You're a blooming artistic talent, even if you aren't quite convinced.
You'd make an incredible artist, photographer, or film maker.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

My dancing Queen....

I thought I would share a few pics from Payton's first kids Christmas Party. What a great time she had, it was a blast watching her. She loved the music(they had a live childrens entertainer), all the kids(150+), the huge snowglobe(I could have easily fit in it), spending time with Grandpa and Grandma(although we didn't see much of Grandma elf!!), and of course dancing(as you can see). She wasn't to sure about Santa but sure loves the pony he gave her!! It was a good time!! Thanks LaFarge!!

Friday, December 09, 2005


Very interesting article about SIDS and soother use. Read it here.

Thanks Rod.

Sometimes, life's just like that.

Isn't it funny how the days just keep on passing by regardless of how your feeling? Things have been pretty rough lately and I've finally gotten to a breaking point. There's been a lot going on around Rod and I, things that really shouldn't be our problems, our concerns, but have become very much part of our world through our desire to help. But as things keep spiraling so does my emotional health. I feel used up, like I have no more to give yet keep trudging along because I have no choice.

Mentally, emotionally it feels like I've taken a severe beating and am in the process of scraping the pieces off the floor. Putting the pieces together feels hopeless. The pieces are so fragile and have a habit of shattering into pieces that just won't go back together. I think if I ever get it figured out the end result will look much different than when I started.

I have a habit of trying to deal with things on my own. If I let others know exactly how I'm doing I feel as though I'm burdening them. Even worse than that I don't let God in. He so desperately wants to help me and I don't want to admit anything is wrong. I finally heard him tell me to let others in, it's a shame he had to break my will to do it. I let some trusted friends in and asked for prayer,and cried, came home, and cried some more.

I gave everything to God, again, and to be honest I don't feel much better. I'm sure I will eventually but in the meantime I'm trying desperately not to take everything back again. Trust and pray have become my mantra. I'm so upset that all this is happening at Christmas time, I feel so jipped, my usual enthusiasm for the season has been clouded. Oh well, this too will pass, everything does.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

I need to vent!

I'm glad it's thursday. Get ready for a vent tonight girls, if I don't explode before then.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Are we crazy?

So I've been watching the weather in Alberta and it hasn't been pretty, consistently in the -20 area!! I was just thinking that I don't think my winter clothes are wintry enough!!! I'm gonna FREEZE!!!! hehe, I'm really looking forward to it!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Those crazy toddlers....

I found a great article on toddler behavior. Check it out here.

Payton already has more rhythm than her dad. I'm not saying that to be mean, but Rod can't even clap in rhythm!! She cracks me up, she has a little jig she does, her whole little body jives. Now she either sings at the same time or says "dance dance dance dance". I LOVE IT!! hehe, she is so going in dance lessons when she's old enough!!

Monday, December 05, 2005


I have always believed I have large amounts of patience. Not never ending mind you, just more than your average. I am finding that the greatest test to my patience is my one year old. She's wonderful, funny, adorable, loving, full of life and energy and the cutest ever. But she's also one, into everything repeatedly and without the reasoning skills needed to explain why she shouldn't.......There's nothing as humbling as having a child, in so many different ways.

Looking forward to the "terrible two's".....


I have discovered Diet Orange Crush, sweetened with Splenda rather than Aspartame! Tastes good without as many crazy chemicals! Good news for us trying to cut back on sugar!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


I've been sitting her tonight and pondering, one thought in particular has my wheels turning. How much about life is choices? Things we choose to do or not to do, things we choose to be or not to be. I know things happen that we have no control over, but we choose what to do afterwards. So if I've been choosing to let certain thoughts and feelings run my life how do I un-choose them?

Right now I choose to stop thinking and go to bed...good night!!


Thanks for being such a wonderful husband and father!! We love you!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Jingle Bells

Went Christmas shopping tonight. Got some stuff done. It's very crazy out there!! I forgot how much I hate finding a parking space in December, yuck yuck yuck!! Payton makes shopping miserable for me now if I'm by myself, I get next to nothing done :( That's why I was hoping to get more done while Rod was there, oh well, what can you do?

Highlight of my day: Payton running around singing "Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle bells Jingle bells ". TO CUTE!! hehe

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Yes, I love the snow. I love how it makes everything look so beautiful and peaceful. I love going out to play, the crunch under your feet. It reminds me of my childhood(I grew up in Alberta, there was LOTS of snow). It makes me feel festive.

This year so far, I also find it makes me feel trapped. This brings with it feelings of overwhelm and exasperation. I need to run my kid around, there just isn't room in my place to do that. Yes we all get bundled up(a painstaking process) and go outside to play the snow, which lasts for varying lengths of time depending on the child. Thenwe all get unbundled(another painstaking process) and go back inside. Payton's not quite into the snow yet, doesn't want to run around much, she'd rather I carried her which takes the fun out of it. So I look for other options, where can I take kids that's indoor, fun, and free(or really really cheap?) There's just nowhere. I ended up taking them to Superstore earlier in the week and letting them run loose in the toy section. I'm sure they loved me!

I also don't have winter tires, they are decent tires, I just can't afford a winter set. So driving very far when it's snowing, or when the roads are covered makes me nervous. I haven't had a problem I am just very busy anticipating them.

Despite everything I still am enjoying the treat of the snow, we have it so rarely. So I say,


Just not when I have to drive, have kids who need to be run, or need desperately to get out....