Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hello Blog I've missed you

So it's been awhile. A serious LONG while. I really really do miss blogging though. So why have I not been writing?? Don't know. I know at first it was because I didn't want to tell the world I was expecting yet(did you catch that??) YES! We are expecting #3 in Sept. Sept 18th to be exact but since Payton was so early I am going to be ready any time in Sept, watch this one will be late!

There's so much to catch up on! Where to start?? Payton has finished her year of dance and did wonderful at her dance recital. We have a new family member, Sara, she's a Hedgehog(yes a hedgehog!) and so so cute! Sam turned 2 in feb(I just can't believe that!), I have been learning to knit and just cast on a blanket for the baby(I hope it turns out!), Payton is registered in kindergarten(I REALLY can't believe that!), we've started a purge and clean of the house to prepare for baby(or maybe more so I don't go crazy about the clutter anymore, but baby gives it a timeline to be done by!). Ok I'm going to stop there some of that really needs it's own blog post complete with pics.

I am not going to promise a post a day, but I think a few times a week sounds good. I really hate to post this without pics but think I'd better get off here, maybe I'll update it later. Or maybe not so much lol!

Friday, January 09, 2009


Well I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted! I was pretty busy leading up to Christmas but the truth is I'm trying to decide how much a part of my life I want the internet to be. It's such a time eater. I do miss writing on my blog so that's going to remain but I always put such pressure on myself to post everyday and that they have to full of substance. I think I will try for 2-3 posts a week then I should be fine. I also have a list of blogs I follow that is taller than I am. I'm going to cut that down dramatically. I think maybe I'm internet overwhelmed?? Lol!

I have some things I made over Christmas to show you, as well as a Christmas re-cap(I know it's January but I also use this space to remember), and a late New Years type post.

So yes, I'm still around, and intend to be.