Monday, October 25, 2004

For better or for worse..

When you decide to get married, it's a big commitment. Besides the huge decision to get married, You have to apply for a marriage license(and pay for that), then promise before God and all your family and friends to work through everything together, for better or for worse. Why don't you have to do anything like that before having a baby?? Having a baby really is like marriage, there's love, commitment, hard work, disagreements(you want to sleep the baby disagrees) just for starters. For all intents and purposes I am a Mom now, forever, for better or for worse.

Just a quick update for everyone following our attempts at getting Payton to sleep by herself. Last night was a "for worse" night. After a fairly successful start, she woke up, but much to our surprise didn't cry just let out a cry whenever she lost her soother. I was amazed, she just doesn't do that!!! So after about 45 min, I fed her and put her back and she went to sleep. I was sure that was much to easy, but I was hoping I was wrong. Well she slept for 3 hours which has been about normal. After that she was up like five times between 1 and 6:30, which is about when she decided it was time to be up. I think maybe she was cold, I hope that's it because I really don't want another night like that. I am exhausted, she is as well, she was so cranky today. A tired and cranky mom and baby is not a good combination let me tell you. I would say poor Rod, but he's the only one getting sleep, I have no sympathy for him, none whatsoever!!


Lori said...

It's morning again! Isn't it amazing ho quickly morning comes? (especially after a night of no sleep) How was last night?

Robert said...

poor rod living with 2 cranky females...heehee