Saturday, October 30, 2004

For mom's sake....

Did I say I would post last night?? What I ment was sometime soon....I should never promise.

I have come to realize that no matter how I am feeling or what is happening that time just keeps going, so I might as well enjoy all the moments I can. Soon enough I'll be looking back thinking what happened??

We had a couple of relatively good nights, where it only took 15 or so minutes to get her down and then she slept 5 hours with a smaller stint or 2 after that before she decided it was time to be up. Which is around 6-7 by the way, and way to early in my mind. But if we take her to bed for her last feed usually she will go back to sleep for awhile, still if you get until 8 your lucky. Which wouldn't be bad if I had had say 6-7 hours uninterrupted sleep. Which I guess will come.

Thursday night was a lot harder she didn't go down until after 9, I should have know something was up. Friday she was miserable and I haven't been feeling good as well, just a little out of sorts. Friday all she did was cry, eat and sleep. Well more like scream, she didn't have a temp(actually I found I was the one running a fever) but I could tell she wasn't feeling well. Especially when she was taking 2 hour naps right through feeding times. So I gave her some advil and cuddled her a lot. Eventually she went to bed around 10. But was up at 1 to eat, then at 3:20, then again at six. At six Rod brought her to bed, and she fed and slept until 7:45. So I got up with her, changed her, fed her and passed her off to Dad. Then I took some advil and promptly went back to bed. Now I am very thankful to have a husband who helps me, he understands that my job as mom isn't easy and has even said he doesn't know how I do it full time(usually when she's screaming at him).

She seems to be feeling much better today, she's full of smiles. I hope that whatever her body was fighting it won. I also hope her bedtime isn't messed up and that she will sleep for longer again. Just for mom's sake.....


Sue said...

Wrap her up warm and take her for a walk in the sunshine. Fresh air always seems to help them sleep better. Hope you feel better too.