Saturday, October 23, 2004

I am a survivor

Well, I survived, So did Payton. I do have a very cranky girl on my hands today who napped way more than usual. Which scares me.

It took over 3 hours and nearly 50 "baby rescues", but she finally went to sleep by herself in her own crib. It lasted 3 hours then she woke to eat at 3. Then much to my surprise she went back down fairly easily, I was back in bed by 3:3oish. This was repeated at 6. Then she woke at 7:40 and decided it was time to be up. So dad went and got her and I fed her in bed and that bought us another hour to sleep.

But as I mentioned before she's cranky, because she's tired. I hope she'll sleep better and with less theatrics tonight because she may be tired, but I'm exhausted. She slept more last night than I did. It's night training the baby, but It's me that needs to be trained. I was up even when she was sleeping expecting her to wake, I kept hearing every noise she made. The second night is supposed to be easier, we'll see.

We are fighting as I write to keep her awake until bedtime. Only 40min until her bath, I don't want to try to put her down to early and have her be up at any earlier than needs be.

I could sing the blues again....


Lori said...

Hey, don't sing the're on your way to the hallelujah (sp?) chorus! Maybe tonight will be the one she sleeps through!

Sue said...

Way to go Michelle! Keep at it, she'll catch on real fast. You'll both be happier for it.