Sunday, January 09, 2005


There are many things I have been meaning to write about and somehow haven't got that far. I will get there I promise, but I learnt something yesterday that has me re-evaluating myself and my life with deep gratitude.

A friend I was close with in elementary and early high school and I have been connecting again lately, which is really nice. Just keeping in touch and planning on getting together(which hasn't happened yet). She was expecting, her due date was this week. I hadn't talked to her since November and was anxious to see how see was doing.

She lost the baby. I was in shock. She was in a car accident at the end of November and the baby took the main impact. A guy ran a red light and ended a life that hadn't even begun yet. It's awful horrible and heart breaking. I took it really hard, I guess after having Payton I feel attached to all babies?? Who knows but I am devastated, I was sobbing. The doctor told her that if she hadn't been pregnant her internal organs would have taken the impact and she probably would have died. I am struggling with the saying that everything happens for a reason and I know God has his reasons but it's so hard.... I am thankful that she knows the lord and is working at finding comfort with him...But it's so hard..What can I say for comfort?? I wouldn't want to be comforted if I were in her situation...

I realized that life is fragile and should not be taken for granted, be thankful for everyday and everyone. Even when my baby is screaming and crying and driving me insane. I am going to thank God that I have her, with deep gratitude


Miss-buggy said...

I find that even though I do tend to use that saying a lot I even find it hard to believe it myself. I find that I want to place blame. I try so hard not to though. Just pray for her and I am sorry that it happened and that I wasn't available for you right away.