Monday, February 07, 2005

I, Michelle,.....

I, Michelle, am delivered from the power of darkness and Christ brings me into God's kingdom
(Col 1:13)

It never ceases to amaze me how I get exactly what I need when I need it. Sometimes God is subtle, sometimes not, but he is forever there. I really needed to be picked up this Sunday, I was feeling a lag in faith, not so much in God but in the world around me. God never fails me but people do, including myself. Scotts sermon spoke to me, simple and to the point but exactly what I needed to hear. God loves me as I am, regardless of what I've done in the past. So if I'm loved this much so is everybody, EVERYBODY else in the whole world. I try to live my life by example, this was a gentle reminder that I need to love more, and something that is hard for me, forgive more.

There has been some dissension in our church body that was starting to worry me because I love our church so much that it pains me to think something could destroy it. As Scott was talking I felt the overwhelming presence of God. Whatever is happening, God is there. He is watching over us and loving us. I felt like I was home, I know that's where God wants me to be. Our church has never pretended to be a "pretty" church, we are real, and gritty. We don't dress up our faith(or ourselves), we feel what's important is on the inside. Needless to say we have an interesting and wonderful congregation, and more than our fair share of problems. It has always seemed to me that the closer you get to God the harder it is. God won't give you more than you can handle and the closer you are to God the more you can handle!! I don't know where our church is headed but I know it will be where God wants us to be and he will be right there leading the way!!!!

On a side note, listening to Scott talk about how Jesus didn't hang out with the "pretty" people, he hung out with sinners, prostitutes, common folk.....I think he would LOVE New Heights!!!
I do!!


wilsonian said...

Yes He does love NH... He hangs out there all the time...