Monday, February 21, 2005

My poor foot

I have a sliver embedded in the bottom of my foot, it sucks. I noticed it in the middle of the night last night. Rod tried to get it out but it's deep and I was unwilling to let him use a razor blade(gee, wonder why?). It strikes me as funny that I can deliver a baby without to much complaint but try to get a sliver out of my foot and I'm a whiny complaining mess!!! I'm going to soak it and try again, I'm such a wimp!!


Lori said...

maybe rob can remove it with the 'suck and spit' method for you. (oh, that's pretty bad, isn't it?!)

Lori said...

i meant ROD, your husband! (talk about foot in the mouth!)

Michelle said...

It just might come to that, or he may restrain me and use the razor. I tried again to get it out to no avail. Stubborn splinter. Just to clarify I am talking about Rod, not Rob. LOL