Monday, May 23, 2005

Searching for inspiration

Hmmm....I haven't blogged in a few days, not unheard of, but unusual. I just have had no desire to write, nothing what-so-ever to say. It's almost scary.

O.K....let's see.....Payton pulled herself completely up to standing today. She makes it up to knees frequently, and I've seen one foot and one knee before, but this is the first time she made it all the way up. You should have seen the grin on her face, she was very proud of herself!! We are pretty sure she started saying Monkey today. That would be her third word, that we are sure off anyways. Hi was first, then Mama, now monkey. Others that I have heard but am unsure if she said them on purpose are: up, kitty, hug, and of course Dada.

Yup, that's all I've got in me, maybe I'll post a pic.

Does anyone else find it humerous that blogger is not in bloggers dictionary?


Jenn said...

wow.....payton is growing up so quick. she's so pretty!! before we know it they are going to be 'kids'.

i know what you mean about bloggers block. i've had it myself for a few weeks.