Friday, January 20, 2006

What's with that?

Someone mentioned to me today that all the blogs had seemed very down lately. I stopped and thought about that and it's true, mine too. I think a lot of us are struggling right now and use their blogs as an outlet, I know I do. But how come when I have a good day, moment, or thought I don't feel compelled to write but if I'm having a bad day I feel the need to vent? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with venting but I personally need to find a balance. My life certainly isn't all bad, it's not even close to being bad. Somethings are hard yes but there are so many good things as well. I certainly don't want to give the woe-is-me impression all the time...YUCK!!

Have I become so accustomed to the good things I have in my life that I take them for granted. The very thought horrifies me. I think I need to re-program some optimism and thankfulness back into myself. I love to laugh and have a good time, why doesn't my writing imply that? I don't feel my personality comes across well, reading back over some of the other stuff I wrote I find myself thinking do I even have a sense of humor anymore? Maybe I really am in trouble!! LOL!! Am I letting people in? Sometimes I think I get to personal, divulge to much about myself when in actual reality I'm being very selective about what goes out there. You get a crumb not a cake. Maybe I really do need to clean out my fridge!!(quoting Cari) ...or at least open it up and let it air!!


Sue said...

It was the whole reason I started blogging; so I could clean out my fridge in a safe and somewhat anonymous environment. I think we have been scared away from it a bit with all that we have been through but i am ready now to move on. Love getting to know all my blogging friends and hope that they will risk opening up.