Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The conspiracy continues

So now, it's 4am!!

Did all you out there realize that it's starting to get light by 4AM!!!! Or is most of the world sleeping at 4am as they should be? The birds of course take the rising sun as a sign to sing, preferably loud and right by my window. How do you explain to the little LOUD birdies that at 4am it is still bed time!! ARGH.

So the suns up, the birds are singing and of course, Payton wakes up. So after taking some time to convince her to go back to bed it was 4:30, and could I sleep?? No, I eventually placed a pillow firmly over my head a was able to doze, briefly before Rod got up, followed closely by Payton not to be outdone.....

So that's my whine for the day. I'm tired, and grumpy and soon to be hot. And I have an extra kid.......WAAAAAAAAAAAAA

K, my vent is done!! I'm going to have a WONDERFUL day!!


steph said...

Both of my boys went through an early morning sucks but it will pass! when they are teenagers we won't be able to get them up at all!