Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The extent of my vocabulary today

Payton please get down down.
Payton get down.
Payton get down now.
Payton stop.
Payton no.
Payton, what did mama say?
Payton, the books stay on the bookshelf.
Payton, please put the books back on the bookshelf.
Paytons don't belong on the bookshelf.
Payton, the water stays in the sink.
Payton, what did mama say?
Payton get down.
No, you can't have a freeze for lunch.
Payton don't throw your food.
Payton wait.
Payton please use your inside voice.
Payton use your inside voice.
Use your inside voice now.
Payton you can't sit in the front seat.
Payton you can't drive.
Payton we don't eat toothpaste.
Payton, I think it's naptime.....NOW.


linda said...

has she discovered lipstick yet? My granddaughter got hold of mine, had it all over her face and states "I'm, pretty!" Two is such a fun age...too bad it's exhausting!