Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Prayer request (Update)

Rod's vision went really weird this afternoon to the point where he left work and went to the clinic. The clinic sent him straight to the emergancy, he has been transferred to short term care and is waiting for a retenal detachment test. I'm a little freaked out and would really appreciate your prayers.

Thanks so much, I'll let you know when I hear anything.


Rod just called, on the machine they have at the hospital to check eyes the specialist couldn't see the retina detaching but said that what Rod described sounded like it. The machine isn't detailed enough to pinpoint what's wrong so he's supposed to call tomorrow morning to get into somewhere with the proper equipment. The Dr said it may be just starting to detach, he also said there may be a vein that's bleeding into his eye. They should be able to see what's going on tomorrow. He's on his way home now.

Thanks for your prayers, I'll let you know tomorrow what they say.


Miss-buggy said...

will be praying

Kristi said...

retina detachment is uncool.
More scary than anything else.

My thoughts are with you

Curly said...

i'll be praying, keep us posted!!!

Shari said...

i've been away camping...

praying for you guys. let us know what you find out. (((hugs)))