Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The ever elusive sleep

This time my lack of sleep issue was entirely my fault, I just couldn't get my brain to stop. I had a migraine yesterday and slept 3 hours in the afternoon, then we started watching season 4 of Alias last night and a main character was killed.

I realize many of you out there have already seen the whole season and often dead people don't stay dead but please no spoilers!!!

So anyways, I'm laying in bed and start thinking about what I would do without Rod. One of my biggest fears is being widowed. So my brain keeps trucking along until I'm in tears, Rod is snoring by now so he's no comfort!! I looked up at the ceiling forever until I finally did fall asleep, then I had car and airplane accident dreams...geesh

So this morning I'm tired, and am sporting a huge headache, not to mention the housework that didn't get done this weekend to do, what a way to start the week. Is it fri yet?


Miss-buggy said...

I hate it when our dreams incorporate what we watch. We watched missing one night and a 9 year old was taken from her home and both Phil and I had dreams that night of someone taking Cooper from us. SUCK!! No one believed me in my dream either. I hate those types of dreams!