Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Is it to much to ask??

When oh when will my almost 2 year old sleep through the night??????

I'm soooo tired.


Miss-buggy said...

awwww.........I'm sorry. that is tough.

steph said...

how often does she get up? all three of my kids slept through the night by 3 monthes!

deadly_wmn said...

hey, there's a babywise book for toddlers - you can get it at house of james for really cheap - it's amazing!!!!! my 2 month old sleeps 7-8 hours every night now!! i want to tell the world about these books, they work so good.
hopefully you can get a hold of one michelle, it would make your life and her life so much easier :)
good luck!


Michelle said...

Last night was another marathon wake fest!!! ARGH

Steph: Don't tell me that!! I don't even beleive kids sleep through the night, I just think parnets like'm so jealous!! She's usually just up once or twice, but sometimes goes on these jags(like now) where she's up 4-5 times a night and I'm pulling my hair out.

Leah: Maybe I'll check it out, I've found that i've read so many books and nothing has worked for my kid. She's just so strong willed. But maybe I'll go give it a skim and see what they have to say. I would after all like to sleep. So glad your getting sleep!

steph said...

another really good book is secrets of the baby whisperer...i have read baby wise and it worked on my boys but baby whisperer was the book that worked on my little girl! the big thing is consistancy. If one of my kids is up I go in only when i am sure they need me i do the bum change in the crib or i hug her over the bars never lifting her out because then she never expects to be allowed up. i tell her it is night time still and she needs to sleep now. that is it. back to sleep. i also don't let them take anything to bed like a bottle or a soother they get to dependant on it. If Payton has any of that stuff the faster she gets off of it the faster she will sleep through cause she won't spend the night looking for it.

Kristi said...

charley didn't start to sleep thru the night till she started grade 1.
she still occasionally wakes me at least once a week.

Good Luck with that