Friday, July 28, 2006

This and That

I stayed up late last night because I wasn't feeling tired. What's wrong with me?? I know better. I was SO tired by this afternoon that I had the distinct feeling I shouldn't be driving home, but if I didn't who would?

I spent the day with Kaylyn and Brayden, it was nice. We went to coquitlam center and spent our gift cards at the Children's place. So Payton and Brayden will be sporting some new duds. You should see the hat my kid picked out, it's TOO cute. She has good taste.

I took Payton to the Health unit to get her 2 year stats. She now weighs 35lbs and is 35inches!! Which is still way over the 95%ile in weight(she has been above the 90%ile since she was a month old) and actually moved up above the 75%ile in height(she's varied between 50%-75%) I don't worry to much about it but I find it interesting and I think she will as well when she has babies of her own.

So I'm off to figure out what I'm going to wear to a wedding tomorrow and what I'm going to contribute to the potluck. Nothing like last minute decisions!!


Kristi said...

Take care of yourself girlie........
don't eat too much crap.
Just cause its a craving doens't mean its okay.
I craved fruit in my first trimester.......I gained 20/25lbs in my first trimester.
Gestational Diabetes.
Get your rest......


Miss-buggy said...

Silly. You and your last minute stuff. That would DRIVE ME NUTS!! hehe....
go Payton