Monday, August 28, 2006

Hmmm....who would have thought.

My kid is not a big fan of change.

Her big girl bed is here!! And she was so excited, climbing in and out of it, pretneding to sleep, having alot of fun. But 2 times in a row now she has freaked out when we try to leave her in it and shut off the light. She asks to go back in her crib, then goes to sleep no prob.

Any suggestions???


demonkllr said...

i know its probably a dumb question but do you have a night light for her? that seems to work for some children. or something she has always slept with...other than that i dont have anything. i hope that helped. God Bless.

linda said...

with Kaci, Nadine had to put one of the sides of her crib back onto the bed (trying to keep her in...not), but may it would serve as a false security rail for Payton.

rodbot said...

well, we tried again tonight,
she wanted me to lie beside her.

after about 15min she asked me to turn off the nightlight.

15min after that she asked to go back in her crib.

I think she just needs to fall asleep in it first.

liz said...

I completely took Matthew's crib down and put it away, it seemed silly and alot of unnessary work cause I was pregnant with Becka and I knew I would be setting it back up in a couple months, but he didn't see the crib anymore and when I set it back up he had forgotten about it being his bed.