Monday, August 14, 2006

Oh So Tired......

I am Tired

Oh so tired
And I'm feeling a little frazzled

I've been overdoing it. To many busy days and late nights. Especially the weekends, when I should be catching up on sleep I am go go going and come Monday I feel hungover. With Payton teething and sleeping so poorly I haven't been able to catch up and my body is telling me it's done. My house is a disaster because cleaning is the last thing I feel like doing when I have a spare minute. But oh well, besides the embarrassment I feel when anyone sees my mess it's not really that important. Payton won't remember my mess. I am determined to start taking better care of myself, not only for me but for those around me as well. Not to mention the little one growing who needs me to be healthy. So if anyone sees me online late please heckle me. I just can't continue to push myself. I'll break down and that won't help anyone.

On a side note, we had a good weekend and I'll post pics sometime, I have many to catch up on. I have a midwife appointment today, I'm excited!! I've been dyeing to go but now that it's close I'm anxious. She should be able to find the heartbeat with Doppler today and I'm really hoping she will. I need to hear that little heartbeat beating away, the reassurance will be huge. Then I know we made it past the hard part and everything should be fine!!


Kristi said...

I lovethe heartbeat!!!

I had a stethascope that I used thru my pregnancie and listened to Charlotte every night before bed!

Thats right listen to your body. not enough of us do that.

You are using a Mid-wife? Good For You!!!!

Michelle said...

Yup, love the midwives!! Used the same ones with Payton.

We have a stethascope, used it all the time with Payton but I am still to early to use it. So I'm relying on the doppler. I was never very good at find the heatbeat but Rod was.

Only 4 hours until appointment!! I'm sure everything is fine, think belly's growing. But it's all about the reassurance right now!! You know?