Saturday, August 26, 2006

This n that

We had the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner last night for the wedding Payton is in next weekend. She is going to be SO cute. We'll just have to see if we can convince her to actually go down the aisle that day. The ring bearer is 3 and developed a crush on my Payton in about 5 min. Which I may add she LOVES. He was following her around, helping(as much as he could) her onto the seats(which she could get up on by herself but would smile sweetly at him and say "help?? help??). He was hugging her and kissing her and she would giggle and laugh and then run away. What a tease she is....already!!! I'm more than a little frightened. I'm hoping though that now that she knows him she may go down the aisle is he does. If nothing else she sure will be cute!!

My Aunt and Uncle and cousins from Alberta are coming out next week!! I knew they were thinking about it and said probably the first week of Sept. Well they called this morning and are leaving either mon or tues!! I'm so excited!! Darby is 4.5 and Chloe is 3 so Payton will have a blast. Of course this has put me into a cleaning frenzy though!! AAHHH!!! My house is SO not company ready. Well, ready or not they will be here!! FUN!!

I'm 14 weeks tomorrow which puts me officially into the 2nd trimester!! YEAH!!! I'm still anxious to hear that little heartbeat again but guess that will have to wait until I get into Maple Ridge which could be awhile with company coming and all.

I'm going to be watching Matthew(Jordana and Thomas's little guy) a day or 2 a week for awhile. He's 12 weeks(almost 13 I guess) so that should get me back in infant mode a little. The fun part is being able to give them back at the end of the day. I looked at Rod yesterday and said I was looking forward to having grandkids. He laughed at me. Of course that won't be for what?? Like 30 years?

Anyways I need to find some food to keep me going for awhile longer, there is just so much to do!! I really will need some help organizing soon, I'm drowning in clutter. For the time being I'm going to hide it again but that isn't a good long term's just the only solution I know!!


Miss-buggy said...

you're so funny! Grandkids!! I still have some moments where I can't bellieve I am a mom!
Have fun when they get here. It will be a blast!