Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tired anyone?

Well we had one of THOSE nights. The ones where she's up 6+ times at night. Where if we got more than an hour at a time we were doing good. Rod and I are super tired this morning. It's usually not like that. She goes through occasionally but more often than not she's up once. I guess I'll have to start praying that she sleeps better before the baby gets here. That could be a deadly combination!!!

It just may be a nap when your toddler naps kind off day!!


susanna said...

naps are good!!! never apologize for napping - they sure don't in costa rica or jamaica!

Rebecca said...

hey michelle, you, me, shari, usual spot 10:00 friday!

liz said...

oops, that was me.

kaybrayshay said...

OH sweetie, hope you have a better thursday!!

Kristi said...

usual Spot
Usual Spot
you have a usual Spot?