Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Completely random thoughts

I hate being in this in-between pregnant stage, meaning I'm starting to show but I don't look pregnant. I just look like I'm gaining a beer gut.

I've now been fully peed on. Not an oops the diapers leaking dribble but a full on my kids not wearing a diaper and were cuddling on the couch I'm totally soaked pee. Fun.

Panties and Poop don't get along.

Where do all my single socks come from?

I only have one stinking bra that fits....Grrrr.....

I've accepted the fact that my cat is gone. Hopefully he's found a nice warm home cause the alternative is yucky.

Christmas is coming!! Which excites me and scares the doodle out me at the same time.

Chocolate gives me indigestion. Bring on the tums!! I can't have Sushi or Martini's I am not giving up chocolate!!

My kid JUST peed on the potty!!! YEAH!!

Bloggers spellchecker finally recognizes the words blogger, blog, and blogs!! It's about time!


rodbotic said...

single sock come from when two socks get paired together...

and the right sock really likes the left sock....

Kristi said...

Whats up?

Being peed on sucks. I don't care how much you love the flesh nugget that is yours. I have a basket of single socks just waiting for the day their mates reappear.

Shari aka Fruitloopgirl - accept no imitations said...

I too own many a sock that is deprived of it's mate!!

linda said...

that's why I try to get socks that all look the same!