Monday, September 18, 2006

God in all things

I actually sat through an entire Church service yesterday!! Payton wasn't thrilled about being left in nursery but she's old enough to let Mom and Dad enjoy a full service!! So I was sitting there listening to the music and felt closer to God than I had in a long time. It was so good. It made me want to look for God a little harder in my everyday life. I thought I'd share what I found.

Where do I see God?

-in the face of my daughter
-in the miracle of pregnancy
-in the beauty of the sunrise as it brings the promise of a new day
-in hands raised high in worship
Where do I feel God?

-in hugs from family and friends
-in prayer when his arms are wrapped tightly around me
-in nature where he is all around

Where do I taste God?

-every time I eat as that means I will not go hungry
Where do I hear God?

-in the wind through the trees
-in worship music
-in the laughter of a child

Where do I smell God?

-in the freshness after the rain
-in the coffee Rod puts on for me before he leaves

The tree photo I found here

The after the rain photo I found here


Anonymous said...

Just testing

Anonymous said...

I have been getting people telling me they can't comment due to the whole blogger/beta blogger thing. I just tried it out and you can post Anonymously. YEAH!!

I am enjoying the new Beta Blogger but am finding the in between stage a little fustrating. Kinda like growing your hair out and being stuck at that annoying middle length that you can't do anything with. I think it will be better once everyone is switched.


Mandy said...

You've got it. I'm so proud. So glad to be walking this journey with you. Love you tons and tons and even more tons!!!

Jenn said...

Michelle you are encouraging me today!!! Thank you.

Keep on keeping on.

shari said...

beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

that is awesome!!
yeah, I am not liking this beta thing. Not shrugging it off completely yet. Just don't block annonymous comments.
What you had said in this post struck me. It was beautiful.


terry and susan said...

beautiful post, michelle. thanks

angie said...

great post Michelle