Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Potty Training Chronicles: Day 1

Well, 1 day down and I fear many many to go.

Diaper came off Dora panties on. Payton kept looking down at the panties in confusion, I imagine they must feel very strange after 2 years of diapers. I explained that if she peed on the potty she would get a treat. Well talk about motivation, she repeatedly went and sat on the potty to no avail. We went outside(with potty) and played on the trampoline until it was time for lunch. Came inside and minutes later she peed, not on the potty, and not even an attempt to get to the potty. By the time we got her to the potty it was to late. No treats. A couple times after that when she started to pee she attempted to get the potty but didn't. Still no treats. About suppertime she managed one drop in the potty and was rewarded with 1 smarty for the effort. I REALLY wanted to give her a treat for peeing on the potty on day 1. Right before bed she started to pee looked up at dad and said PEE! Dad swept her onto the potty where...YES....SHE PEED ON THE POTTY!!!!! YEAH!!!
One happy girl with 3 smarties and one happy mommy that we actually hit the potty.

So I guess it's progress as she knows now when she starts peeing to try to get to the potty. She doesn't seem to have figured out the feeling that she needs to pee before she goes, but I guess that will come with time!!

Oh and poopy panties are fun too!! But that's a day 2 story.


Anonymous said...

OH NO!!! What a way to start day 2!! YEAH for peeing in the potty. She will get it. Man, things I get to look forward to!
Good Luck!!

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