Thursday, October 12, 2006

Another Day

My Midwife was worried about me being tired already. She told me about a herb to help calm my mind before bed and asked me to take naps when I can and get as much rest as possible. So Payton is napping and I'm going to lay down for my prescribed nap. I'm torn though because my house is a mess, somehow having Rod home didn't mean I got anything extra done, I actually got less done!! My house really needs some TLC but the Midwife said that my rest right now is more important.

I also have a headache which I hope will die down if I rest and won't turn into a migraine.

I'm so excited to have a wiggly baby!! I need to come up with a name for the babe, it just can't be it or he/she anymore. I think I was holding out with nicknames this time until I knew the sex. Payton was Little one. And there are just to many beans and peanuts. Hmmmm....

Alrighty off to bed with me.


Miss-buggy said...

squirm worm
Go and nap!! HAHA...doctors orders! How many of us can say that! Sure your house needs some TLC but more importantly you need it. You are growing a gift in that belly and you and that baby are more important then house work.

Lee said...

how about "the wiggler"? Read it somewhere. Or "baby ______" (insert your last namme)

Kristi said...

i like worm

kaybrayshay said...

fiesty one

napper you!!

Shari da loop said...

Yes, get that rest. Amazing thing about housework, it won't go anywhere. **sigh**

ok.. i'll bite and throw out some names too... Jigs, or bug.