Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I hate puke.

I hate feeling like I have to puke, I hate puking, I hate watching other people puke, and I've now learned what I hate the most is my kid puking.

It finally happened, Payton threw up................a lot. It hit all of a sudden just after 5 and as any of you with kids know, was not fun. She's sleeping now and there hasn't been any "activity" in over an hour and a half. The floor is washed, the bathroom is cleaned, the clothes and towels are in the dryer, I'm not sure what to do with the couch cushion cover so I am going to figure it out tomorrow and let myself try to sleep.

I think it must have been something she ate although I can't figure out what. She had no other symptoms and seems to be over the worst already so it doesn't strike me as a flu.

I'm exhausted. Going to bed.


Miss-buggy said...

poor baby. Praying for all of you. hope the rest of the night went better.
You know you can throw those couch cusions in the wash? I saw sue do it. But it may shrink a little in the dryer. But it did work. Which is reminding me that I should do ours.
Hoping she is better. hugs to her from Auntie. Hugs to you too.

Shari da loop said...

It could be the flu, cause the little ones bounce back very quickly from it.

Sucks about the couch cushion though.

this reminds me that I never did blog about our trip to ND... oh yes... lots of puking involved. fun fun fun

rodbotic said...

misty, you don't remember our last couch( or mabey it was the one before) we tried that, and it came out of the washer in shreds!!!

I think it needs hand washing and/or steam cleaning.

Miss-buggy said...

that's right rod. Forgot about that. Do you have a delicate cycle on the washer.
Hey hear that....I think Rod offered to hand wash it. wahahaha