Friday, October 13, 2006

Listen to me whine.

Payton is sleeping. No I'm not going to nap today although I'm sure I could. I ended up with a short nap yesterday, after only 30min I was awake. Still tired but awake. Then last night I had another restless night. I couldn't get to sleep, then when I finally did I just couldn't stay asleep, I was up 4-5 times. So when I got up this morning I felt frustrated and exhausted. I cancelled my plans for this morning because I just couldn't muster up the energy to get us ready to go. We played for awhile then went outside and played some more but that's all I could handle. I'm going to try to get some tidying done, and have a shower, and hope that if I don't nap maybe my sleep will be better.

Yeah it's Fri!! It looks like another busy weekend but at least Rod is home. I love weekends!!


Lee said...

the sun'll come out- tommorow...