Friday, November 03, 2006

A breed of their own....

I am talking about toddlers. They are an interesting, amusing bunch. Life is never dull when you have a toddler in the house. I just never know what she's going to come up with next and she leaves me in stitches daily. Of course she also has the capability to drive me absolutely insane.

Her idea of cleaning lately is pushing everything to me with her feet so I can pick it up and put it away.

Yesterday Andrew was trying to build a tower out of blocks and Payton wanted to "help" only her help lead to the toppling of the tower every time. The destruction is her favorite part so she accidentally on purpose managed many topples. Andrew was getting a little frustrated so I instated a no touching rule. So then she "tapped" it with her toe. I explained that touching included the use of any part of her body. So then she was trying to blow down the tower(think 3 little pigs), that wasn't working so she got really close and started "ah ah ah CHOOing" at the tower!!. She's a resourceful and determined little girl. Exasperated sigh....

While eating cheerios yesterday she decided to see how far she could fling the milk spilt in her tray. It was all over the floor, couch and blanket(on the couch) before I could stop her.

This morning while eating I was watching her only to notice she was taking mouthfuls of milk, opening the neck of her shirt and spitting it down. I asked her if she was spitting milk down her shirt and she nodded and grinned at me happily.

She has started telling Knock Knock Jokes. Yes!! Already!! They generally consist of "Knock Knock, Who's there?, ME!!!" (Laughing wildly) Variations include "ME AGAIN!", and "Orange"(copying Andrew).

She has a fascination with the toilet paper, specifically unrolling it....

She has started dressing herself. If you see her one day with her shirt on backwards or inside out it's because she put it on all by herself and was so proud I couldn't change it!