Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Christmas is Coming!!

It really is!! QUICKLY!!!! Yes, I'm excited but ARGH I'm also overwhelmed. So many things to do and think about. Even you who are in denial about how close it is can't ignore how little time there really is left to get anything done.

47 days until Christmas
32 week/work days
14 weekend days
7 weekends

So how many shopping days is that? How many days with my husband home? How many of those days are going to be booked with parties and outings ect? OH MY!! At Christmas I'll be 31 weeks along!! PANIC PANIC PANIC. K, thing at a time!!

I guess it's time to stop thinking and start doing.


Miss-buggy said...

you are having too much time on your hands to be thinking about this!! Silly Girl!! Love you all the same even though you are reminding me. You need a warning at the begining of your posts. Do I have to quit reading until after Christmas;) Totally joking of course

Shari da loop said...

lol... deep breath michelle....

make all your lists and tackle one or two things a day until it is done.
mine are like this:
a gift shopping list
a gifts to be made list
a foods to be prepared list
a foods to buy list
a christmas card list (sublists: get needed addresses and design cards)
write up a christmas letter for far away family
get a tree and decorate

oh ya... add to all that, that I have to get all my kids in for pictures (one at a time or pay a fortune in sitting fees), get a family picture for christmas cards, all are due for dentist checkups, two for orthodontist checkups, etc etc etc.....


Shari da loop said...

ok ok... i dont really have all those list cuz that would be so way overwhelming for me to see it all written out like that. I have a couple lists... the rest I just kind of wing it.

susanna said...

you girls are giving me a headache!!!! a wedding to plan thrown into all the christmas stuff......
eloping (at christmas) sounds like a great way to avoid both!

Michelle said...

Shari!! Are you trying to give me a heart attack?!?!? LOL!! I hadn't even thought about addresses for Christmas Cards!!

Thanks for the reminder about getting Payton booked for pictures!

Susan: I feel your pain! There are so many things that need to get done before baby arrives!! All of a sudden Feb is much to close!!(especially with Christmas in the way! I mean Christmas coming soon!)

linda said...

all the preparation and it's over so quickly! Of course the way time is flying lately it'll be back before we know. This Christmas will be awesome with Payton. She'll be so into it all. Kaci has already decided on the one and only thing that she wants from Santa and when I suggested she ask for a bike helmet too, she just covered her mouth in awe and said "a baby and a helmet? Wow". They are so cute at this age...usually!

Shari da loop said...

all vicki has asked for for christmas is polly pockets. So she can be as cool as her big sister, Sammi (who only lets her play with the ones that dont have real hair, and doesnt allow her to take the clothes off).

Shari da loop said...

oh and no... I am not trying to give you a headache. lol. ((hugs))
In fact as I was typing that I started to have a bit of a panic attack. I really don't want to get myself wrapped up in all the things that need to be done, so that I can thouroughly enjoy watching Vicki's excitement grow and as she learns the joy of the true meaning of christmas.