Wednesday, November 22, 2006

One of those mornings....

I've been not feeling well this week and getting more and more fustrated at what I havn't been getting done. I thought this morning if I sit and make a list of what needs doing by when I'll feel better because I'll feel more organized.

Nope...wrong....Instead it was a sit and look at the list and cry moment. Stupid list. I deleted it.

Christmas stuff, house stuff, baby stuff....and I'm just so tired....Hopfully I'll start to feel better soon and get some energy back. Then everything won't seem so big.

What I really need for Christmas is more space....and organization...and energy.....Sigh.....


Shari da loop said...

I tossed my list, too. I had the same reaction when I saw it ALL in writing. And I dont even have a new baby to put in the mix.

Just try to tackle a couple things each day. And on good days, you can tackle the bigger things, or more things. You will get there. I promise.