Monday, November 06, 2006



I found out yesterday I didn't have to pick up Andrew. Ok, great chance to get some running around done(which includes getting my license replaced as I can't find it). Spend a day out, just me and my kid!!

Last night was horrible, I wasn't feeling well, didn't get much sleep. Then this morning Rod calls. The car died on his way to work. Then his phone died. And my BCAA coverage expired because I have a new Visa # and forgot to tell them. ***Sigh*** Good thing we have some wonderful friends. Thankfully he has made it to work as he managed to call there before his phone died and someone went to get him. The car is still somewhere on the road though. I think he and Phil are figuring that out. Trying not to worry.....

This was the first month in a long while that it looked like I wasn't going to have to stress about paying the bills now there's something wrong with the car. What are we going to do without the car? I have no stinking clue. I'm trying so hard not to stress.



Miss-buggy said...

it is so hard not to stress in times like this. But God will provide. Somehow, someway He will amaze you. It will get better. (I know hard to think of that at this point)

kaybrayshay said...

Oh sweetie. I know it will get figured out. DOn't hesitate to call us for a hand, in any way!