Sunday, November 19, 2006

What a beautiful day!!

Don't you love it when the weather reports are wrong?? It was beautiful!! No rain, a little wind(which blew away the clouds), and some sunshine!! Imagine that!!

We had a blast! Jordana and Matthew braved the train with us and Rod met us downtown. Payton was beside herself to actually be on a train, she was so worried it was going to leave without us!! Her favorite part of the parade was the dancers, horses, Curious George, and of course Santa!

I have some pictures but they will have to wait until Rod gets home as he took the camera with him.

We are both so exhausted I think tonight will be an early night. I hope this week is a little calmer than last week, I need some catch up rest!!


Miss-buggy said...

that is awesome! I thought about you when the wind kicked up and the rain pelted down but I am so thankful that it was nice where you were.