Thursday, December 07, 2006

Busy, oh so busy

So I've been meaning to blog but it's been so crazy around here. I need to get my parcels and Christmas cards ready to send by this weekend. I've had a very busy last few days but have gotten a lot accomplished so YEAH ME!!

I've been working on a couple projects which I'm very excited about but can't give details(which drives me nuts) because that would spoil the surprise for some!! I'll share what I've been up to after Christmas(oh the suspense!!)

I had a mid-wife appointment yesterday. I'm now 28 weeks and have appointments every 2 weeks!! When did that happen?? Anyways, everything looks good, baby is growing and heartbeat has been steady at between 144-150. I'm getting excited to meet this little person, only not yet!! I'm not ready!!

Anyways off to tidy!!


Miss-buggy said...

every two weeks now? That is the exciting part! Then it goes to every week!! SO FUN!! I can't wait to hold this little angel of yours!
Suspense....I hate suspense. Now you got me all antsy and I am pretty darn sure it aint for me! But I can't wait to hear details