Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Friday everyone!!

I'm so excited!! Rod has a week off after today! It's so nice to have my hubby home for an extended period.

So is everyone ready for Christmas?? We're so not, I hope to be after today though because we have our first family gathering of many tomorrow evening. It would be nice to be able to relax after that point! Hehe...we'll see!!

I stole the Christmas tree decorator(above) idea from Shari's blog. Seemed like fun!!

Not to much to report about my Grandpa, haven't gotten much for test results. They have moved him out of ICU but it seemed like it was because someone else needed the bed worse than that he was ready to move. He's been somewhat more comfortable but hasn't been very responsive and is still not thinking really clearly(was asking about relatives that passed away awhile ago). It's frustrating being this far away(they are in Alberta) because it's hard to really know what's going on. I hope my Grandma and family are hanging in there. The hospital is just where you want to be right now! Praying for everyone with sick loved ones right now, in or out of the hospital!