Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Belated Christmas Everyone!!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas!! Ours was really nice, I'll post some pics when I get motivated!! We spent the night at My mom's and ended up spending all of Christmas day there. We were supposed to go Rod's Dad's but they have the flu so postponed. What a way to spend Christmas! YUCK!! It was nice though, a very relaxed slow paced day. It was so much fun watching Payton unwrap her gifts this year. It took hours for us to finish because every couple gifts Payton had to stop and play!! I don't blame her and I was fine with the slow pace, if she wanted to stop and colour, or do a puzzle, or play with her magtastic set because she was so excited when she opened it I thought that was great. It shows you her excitement and gratitude in a 2 year old way! But it did make gift opening an extended affair!! We all got spoiled(I will be showing off my new toys at some point I'm sure), it was very fun.

Today is pretty quiet unexpectedly as well because we thought we had dinner at my Dad's today but he was thinking New Years day. I think because we usually do boxing day with him but last year we couldn't because we were in Alberta so did New Years day. So Dad was thinking like last year and we were thinking back to the usual day! So our very busy four days in a row got a little quieter! Which is good because it's easier on all of us! Payton really needed a break. We are going to head to Rod's sisters for dinner, which will be nice. And we still have 2 Christmases(and turkey dinners!!) left!! Talk about a Christmas week!!!

Hope everyone is still having some family/relaxing time today, of course you could all be shopping!! I imagine it's crazy out there! Payton is sleeping so I better go tell the wired kids upstairs to try to tone it down! And then get myself ready to go out and maybe do some laundry or something constructive for a few minutes!


Lee said...

glad to hear you had some relaxing time, that makes it so nice.

Anonymous said...

One of the best part of Christmas morning for me is watching the kids open their gifts. The expression on their face is so happy and excited! When Caleb woke up this year he ran down the hallways and looked at the tree and screamed "SANTA CAME" and he started to cry because he was so happy. I love the simplicity.