Monday, January 22, 2007

Another week begins!

Well, I'm 35 weeks now! The countdown is really on now!

I've been really feeling the 3rd trimester lately, especially at night. Up several times to pee, or because of sciatic pain, or muscle aches, or just plain aches! I had a dream last nigh(a strange one) and the baby was a girl! I wonder if that's because of my subconscious or just because Misty told me she thought the U/S picture looked like a girl? I've noticed yesterday and today I'm starting too retain some water, not a lot, just enough for me to feel a little swollen. I guess that's pretty good though, not swelling until 35 weeks! The heartburn is increasing, as is the sore back. Overall though nothing to major! This pregnancy has gone pretty smoothly, I hear horror pregnancy stories from others and feel blessed.

I keep thinking about Payton's delivery and the week before and wonder how similar or different(if baby remains breech) this delivery will be. At 36 weeks 5 days with Payton I had what I thought was a "false labour", contractions that got up to 5 minutes apart and 45 sec long, lasted about 4 hours then stopped. Then all during that week I had braxton hicks contractions, annoying, but not painful. Then Payton was delivered Fri morning(37 weeks 3 days), very quickly. I would bet that those earlier contractions where progressive if anybody had checked me, that they were dilating me all week. I don't know for sure of course but that would be my guess! So being at 35 weeks 1 day today I wonder what the next couple weeks will hold. Maybe nothing!! It's fun to speculate though. goal for today...pack hospital bags as much as possible! I was throwing together a hospital bag between contractions during my false labour last time! I just never had the notion I was going to be early!

Off to do some laundry!


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