Thursday, January 04, 2007


So we've pretty much resigned ourselves to getting another car seat for Payton, to give her that extra time with the five point harness. Eventually we will need 2 booster seats anyways and when safety is involved other considerations fall to the wayside anyways.

We were still debating the infant seat issue. Now, our infant seat(an Eddie Bauer) has 3 strikes against it. I can't without worry use it again. We are now going to be buying a new Infant seat. ARGH. First strike was we were going to have to replace the fabric cover as it got ripped when we let someone use it. Second there was a recall on it, just needs new tethers or something but still makes you wonder. Third it failed failed FAILED the latest consumer testing of infant seats, actually most of the seats they tested did. It wasn't good. The link is here, with a quick review here. Now in my mind there is no way I would use an Eddie Bauer, it's tainted. So scary. All I want is for my kids to be safe!!


Kaylyn said...

It didn't say anything for my car seats. Where do you find this info?
I should check this out.