Monday, January 29, 2007

Doesn't that pregnant woman do anything but complain?

I've been pushing myself. This stupid cold is hanging on but I've had so much I wanted to do I keep pushing on. Yesterday I crashed, my body said NO MORE. Went to church, grabbed a few groceries and had to lay down right after getting home. Everything ached and I couldn't keep my eyes open. When I got up I felt a little better, did I continue with the resting? Nope went out and cleaned out my van, and started re-organizing and cleaning the outside walkway. Kept at it until I started getting cold and achy. I'm just not good at relaxing right now!

I love being pregnant, I really do, but there comes a time in every pregnancy where the novelty wears off. Sometime in the last week between the lack of sleep and the cold I feel done. I want to not have to pee 4 times a night or wake to sciatic pain. I want to take cold medication like regular people. Payton has caught my cold(poor thing!!) and was up every hour or so last night, often I couldn't get back to sleep, spent a lot of time staring at the ceiling or the wall. I'm sure Rod's feeling pretty rough too.

Time is ticking away, I've reached 36 weeks now. It's a little early for baby to make it's appearance, it may need some more development time, but if it is early like Payton, that would only leave me 9 days. And so many things I want to get done!!

Oh well, guess I should stop writing/talking/complaining about it and just go do something!! Have a good Monday!


Miss-buggy said...

try not to focus on when Payton was born. This one may come late!! BUT it does sound like you are nesting!! wahahahaha

Jenn said...

I was thinking the smae thing as Misty, my first was early and the second one was 9 days late. You just never know. Tell yourself you still have a month otherwise you'll be set on an early delivery and waiting can be really hard. At least I found it really hard with the second!

Try to get some rest! :)

Michelle said...

Yeah I know, if I go overdue it could be almost six weeks!! I keep telling myself that, but part of my brain keeps telling me I need to be ready "just in case" and that seems to be what I'm listening too!

Sigh....I just need some real straight hours of sleep...and to be able to breathe through my nose

.....I have another month to go.....I have another month to go...I have another month to go...

Kaylyn said...

Worry only about today and the rest will work it self out. And take care of you. So you can be better for when this new one arrives.