Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I have earned myself another ultrasound. Well, rather it's my stubborn baby who has earned another one!! The baby has been posterior for the last three visits(since he/she has been big enough to feel well really) which means babies back it snuggled right up against mine, pretty much straight up they think as they are unable to feel anything to the sides really. It's making it difficult for them to figure out which end is up! I even had a vaginal exam today(SO FUN) because usually they can tell for sure that way. Nope, baby was still to high to tell for sure whether the presenting part was head or bum(baby feels plenty low to me!!). So they want to know for sure and managed to get me an ultrasound for tomorrow!! If we can get the baby to flip if it is breech now is the time as the bigger the baby is the less chance they will flip. Also because I delivered a big baby early last time we need to get things figured out now.

I'm not actually to worried about it, my guess is that the baby is head down. I do always worry when I have an U/S though, there is always what if they find something wrong thought!

Oh well, if nothing else we get to take another peak at our baby tomorrow!! U/S is at 3:45, I'll update tomorrow evening!


Anonymous said...

I love ultra-sounds! I always get teary eyed whenever I have one. It gets me super excited to meet the little one inside!