Tuesday, February 06, 2007


So I met with the Dr today. Baby is still very breech, head nice and high up causing all kinds of discomfort. He said the C-Section will be first thing in the morning, I should get there at 6:30 and most likely the surgery will be at 7:30.

I'll be heading back to Maple Ridge tomorrow for my midwife appointment. Then on the 12th for a PAC appointment at the hospital, I'm not quite sure what that's all about except I have to meet with a nurse to go over some stuff?? Apparently this usually happens 2 weeks before surgery but the quickest they could get me in was 3 days before!! Oh well. All the extra driving sucks, why couldn't they just have left Mission's Labour and Delivery ward open??


sue said...

I've been to both delivery wards and Mission's was definitely one of the best, but when it closed a lot of the staff transferred over to Maple Ridge, so you should be good there now too. Really it's not all that farther than if you were going to Abbotsford.

Kristi said...

my nephew turned only a few days....on his own....just before my sister-in-law went into labour

Michelle said...

That's what I'm hoping for, that baby will decide in the next week to turn of it's own accord. I am worried though about my stinking fast early labour last time.

It's such a shame to have the facilities here but not be using them! I've had good experiences at Maple Ridge, it just feels to far away that's all!!