Wednesday, February 07, 2007


So I wake up this morning and it's after 8, and I have a little cuddler snuggled in next to me. That was nice, and considering it was about 2am before I got to sleep it was a much needed sleep in. She probably would have slept longer but my bladder was telling me it was time to pee and that pregnant bladder just can't be ignored! My stirring woke her.

Payton was upset when she realized Rod was gone, she was in tears because she wanted to cuddle Dada. And didn't remember him giving her a "big hug and kiss" when he left. So we decided to call him.

Well, the car broke down and he thinks that it's finished. You've got to be kidding!! One week(ish) before delivery and he's stuck at work with no vehicle....

Panic panic panic.

He thinks the car is done, we knew it's time was limited but were hoping for longer. How are we going to afford another vehicle??

Panic panic panic.

He were looking into Parental leave for Rod so he can stay home longer considering a C-section requires a lot more recovery time. But it has 2 weeks your not paid for and we are scrimping as it is. I just don't see how we can pull it off.

Panic panic panic.

Oh NO!! I just remembered I should be leaving in 15 min for my midwives appointment!!!

Panic panic panic!!!!!!


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Miss-buggy said...

OOPS!! That was me!!! SORRY....
You can't be panicking right now. Not good for you or the baby;) Love you. You will be surprised what God will do.

Summer Engh said...

Hi. Calm down. Everything will work out fine. Take a minute and breathe. Relax.