Thursday, February 22, 2007

Wow!! My baby is a week old already!!

Time is flying by!! Happy one week Samara!!

I noticed on Tues a strange rash in Samara's armpit, the midwife happened to be here and she wasn't sure what it was so she took a swab and told me to call if it got any worse. Last night I noticed it was also in her other armpit and spent a great deal of time worrying about it and searching on the net. I called the midwife this morning and told her it was spreading(I also found a spot on her back), she got us in to see a pediatrician right away to be on the safe side. I wasn't to worried only because she seemed fine in all other ways but the thought that something was wrong with my newborn eats at my insides. So off we went, he was really good, awesome with Payton too. It turned out he was the pediatrician in the room when Samara was delivered! That was funny. Anyways, she has a staph infection, it's a topical bacterial infection. Nothing to serious but needs to be treated quickly before it gets worse. So we have cream and antibiotics, if it continues to get worse they will have to give her antibiotics through an I.V. I get to try to feed my newborn medicine 4 times a day! FUN!! So Payton didn't have antibiotics until she was 2.5 and Samara made it all of a week!

Other than the rash, she is doing really really well. She's breastfeeding like a pro and gaining weight accordingly. Payton is doing pretty well adjusting. There has been some obvious acting out and attention seeking, but I expected that. I worry about being a good mom to 2, but really I can only do the best I can.

I'm sorry this isn't pictures. Maybe tomorrow!


Miss-buggy said...

h!! I hate it when babys get sick and at a week!! I feel ya!!
Is it contagious? Like if you touch it is spreads to you or somewhere else on her? Sorry that must sound like a dumb question.
HAPPY ONE WEEK SAMARA!! (I love that name!!)

Summer Engh said...

Hope she gets better soon.