Friday, March 16, 2007

How much can one girl poop?

Payton would poop every 7-10 days. I was fine with that. Samara on the other hand is easily 7-10 times a day. The actual changing of the diaper doesn't bother me, it's the fact that even when she would have slept 3-4 hours between feedings at night she will be woken up after an hour or maybe 2 because she needs to be changed.

My night.

10:30- she was(finally) down for the night
11:00- I decided she was finally staying down and went to bed.
11:30- Still awake because I couldn't sleep(what's with that)
11:45ish-fell asleep
12:45- Samara needs a change, then of course wanted a top up, then took about 30min to settle back to sleep.
1:30ish-back to sleep
2:30ish-Samara needs a change, I had her laying on the bed in front of me to give her a minute to finish, I am drinking a glass of water when suddenly I just drop the glass(how I managed to simply drop it is beyond me), cold water all over my lap, and the bed. I somehow miss the baby thank goodness. Clean up that, change the baby, feed her.
3:30ish-back to sleep
6:15-Samara needs a change again, then as I'm trying to feed her back to sleep Payton is up.

Anyone else out there had a baby who would poop almost every couple hours? How long will this keep up? I am easily more tired now than a couple weeks ago, it's starting to catch up with me I guess.

On another topic altogether, today is Rod's last day at his current job! Scary but very very exciting. I pray this is the right move for him, that this is where he is supposed to be for now.

Going to go get changed so I can take Payton for a play date, maybe I'll get a good nap out of her today(unlike yesterday).

Have a good day everyone.


Summer said...

When I was reading your post it reminded me when I chnged my children's poopin diaper. I am changing a diaper thinking that she/he is done but nope put on a clean diaper and then they poop again. Babies can poop alot I think. Hope you can get some rest, you must be tired today.

Fruitloopgirl said...

totally normal. fun huh?