Thursday, March 15, 2007

Is it time for bed yet?

I could sleep all day. Only I can't..whine whine....complain complain....

Samara didn't get a good nap yesterday and consequently was way overtired last night. It was a late late night. Today I am hoping for a nap. The mess can wait.

Samara is a month old today!! She weighed in at 9lbs 12 ounces yesterday so she's growing very well!

EI messed up on processing Rod's parental leave. They got the start day wrong even though he told them the 15th, and for some reason Rod's new job is complicating things as well. I don't see why because when he applied he hadn't taken the job yet, and it doesn't start for a month after his claim. Grrrrr.......we need that money for things like rent......very frustrating!

Yup, I'm really not interesting today, just tired. Maybe it's time for some pictures.