Sunday, March 18, 2007

Payton Funnies

Driving in the car, waiting to turn left:

Payton, "Go Mama Go!!"

Me, "I'll go as soon as I can hon, I have to wait for the cars to be out of the way. You don't want to me to hit anyone do you?"

Payton, "Don't worry Mom, they'll move"

Me Using the washroom,

Payton, "Are you going pee Mom?"
Me, "Yes Payton."
Payton, "Are you going to poop Mom?"
Me, "Maybe Payton."
Payton, "In the potty Mom?"
Me, "Yes Payton."
Payton, "Good job Mom!! I'm so excited! You get potty treats!"

Getting ready to go out,

Me, "Come on Payton find some shoes so we can go."
Payton, "ok Mom" fiddles about
Me, "Payton, get your shoes, don't you want to go see Ethan?"
Payton, "Soon enough Mom, soon enough."


Summer said...

That is funny and it is so cute.

no angel said...

keep a record of all the funnies,
we forget so quickly


James Goudie said...

haha. cute.

so did you go poop?

Michelle said...

Just a little to much info James!! LOL!!

Terry and Susan said...

yeah - but did you get treats???

Michelle said...

Of course!