Thursday, May 17, 2007

Lost without the Net

Yup, internet was down for 2 days. What did I used to do without it? I feel so un-connected!

Rod and I have both had what seems to be a flu since Tues as well. Both of us being sick at the same time sucks! Somebody has to take care of the kids! We both seem to be getting better today thank goodness!

Think now that I'm feeling a little better I need to shower and take Payton to the park. Fresh air will do me good!


Susan said...

glad you are feeling better. the sunshine and fresh air does wonders to make you feel better.

liz said...

Mine was down for two days too, it's amazing how much you don't realize you use it for until you don't have it!

Summer said...

Getting teh flu sucks. Glad both of you guys are feeling better.